Creative Fashions

FashionWhile this game/craft is really just an exercise in creativity, it’s ‘fashion’ theme makes it a better game for girls birthday parties than for boys. I always love games and crafts that have the kids use their brains and their imagination, and this one does it well.

The purpose here is for small groups of your party kids to take a bag of  ‘stuff’ and turn it into an outfit that one in each group will model at the end. Divide your kids into small groups of three to five, or even two’s if it’s a smallish party. Know your numbers so you prepare one bag of ‘stuff’ for each group ahead of time.

Here’s some good ideas for the ‘bag of stuff’ they might use to come up with their creations (thanks to a article for these suggestions): a roll of tin foil, a roll of toilet paper, four or five paper plates, a pair of scissors, a roll of tape, markers and construction paper. Here’s some more ideas: rolls (or partial rolls) of crepe paper, newspaper, curling ribbon spools (from the cheap store), bows from that bag of overused Christmas bows in the attic, and paper towels are cheaper than tin foil. I’d also recommend having a stapler or two handy for them.

Give them 15 or so minutes to make their creation, then orchestrate the fashion show. You can have the other teams judge each creation on a scale of 1 to 5 and have a helper keep score. Don’t forget to take pictures!

If its a slumber party, give them more time as you’ll have them with you for a good long while.

Creativity and imagination are two hallmarks of childhood; many of us adults lose a lot of what we had as children, so any game that encourages these skills is a winner. And kids like to exercise their creative sides, so they’ll enjoy this game.

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