Cookie Cutter Magic

Magic Wand Cookies Anyone? Who knew there were cookie cutters out there to perfectly compliment your Harry Potter Party or your Princess Party or your Fairy Party? And to have fun with any time after your party when your Princess or your Muggle needs a little cheering up.

You don’t even need to make your cookies from scratch– although homemade is always delicious and nice. Use the pre-made, ready to bake sugar cookies if you’re that short on time.

Sugar sparkle sprinkles can suffice for icing decoration too. If you’ve got more time, consider using lines of different colors of icing radiating out from the center of the top of the wand to give the idea of magic and be colorful as well.

These are so cool they can be your take home party favor for the kids. Tie colorful ribbons or tulle around the cookie where the handle meets the top of the wand. Make name tags using card stock and a fancy font to attach to each cookie with the ribbon or tulle. You can even add a “Thank You for Coming to my Birthday Party” on the reverse side of each name tag.

If you’re sending these home with the kids, give each cookie a cardboard backing so they don’t snap off at the top of the handle in transit. Wrap the ribbon around both the cookie and the cardboard to secure them to each other for rigidity.

Serve these special cookies at your party as part of your part food AND use them as your take-home favor, getting double duty for your effort.

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