Ring Toss

Circling the Prize

Ring Toss I posted a few weeks ago about the old fashioned Ring Toss game that you can use at a carnival themed party. Now I’ve run across this variation that you can use with a variety of different party themes just as successfully. All you need are the rings to toss, a floor and plastic tablecloth to toss on and something to toss at. Simple. The rings pictured here from Amazon give you the whole game to use at other times and are quite reasonably priced. Should you make a purchase through this link I make a commission which seems quite fair to me.

Use this as a game during your party OR as a game to hand out your take home party favors for the kids. You can keep it really simple and just use candy as the prize or you can ‘upgrade’ to a simple toy the kids will enjoy that corresponds to your party’s theme.

Array your prizes around on the tablecloth that’s smoothed out on the floor. The prize must be small enough that the ring can easily slip around it when thrown from a distance.

Decide ahead of time where to put a line they must stand behind to toss the rings to ‘circle’ their prize. Use masking tape or a yardstick on the floor to demark the line. The harder you make it, the older the kids can be and still enjoy the challenge of the game. Give each child 3 rings to toss to try to snag their prize. Once they’ve circled their prize, move on to the next child.

Preschoolers and young elementary school age children, i.e. age 6 to 8,  enjoy simple games like this where they can test their ‘skill’.

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