These very elegant party strawberries are fit for a king as well as for your young birthday party guests. Easy to make, beautiful to serve, and healthy to boot! Great combination.

I use the pre-packaged hardening shell chocolate you find right in the fruit section of the supermarket. All you do is microwave and stir, repeat a few times, then dip your dry but clean berries and let them harden on some foil or wax paper. But if your market doesn’t have the microwaveable dip,  here’s an easy recipe to do it yourself.

These are of course the perfect birthday party food for your Strawberry Shortcake party, but they are equally perfect for your elegant princess party or tea party or spa party.

Have your birthday child cut out a big ‘snowflake’ to the size of your serving tray to make the berries look their best. Or, spring for a doily from the party store.

If your birthday is for pre-teens or tweens, let them make these from scratch (as per the recipe, not the microwaveable package), including all the berry washing. Also terrific as a slumber party cooking activity.

Pineapple chunks are also quite delicious dipped in chocolate– just make sure they are very dry before your coat them. Small pretzels too. Make an assortment to serve.

And do feel free to use these elegant chocolate covered fruits at your next adult party too– I’ve done it and they’re always a big hit.

Pretty party food always tastes best, and these chocolate covered strawberries make the top of the list  as elegant, beautiful and tasty.

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