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Working Mother

Strategies for the Working Parent

Working MotherBeing parent isn’t easy, being a working parent is tougher. Here’s 5 helpful tips to make it a bit easier and rewarding (all of which certainly apply to non-working parents as well):

Strategies for the Working Parent | Dr. Gail Gross

In a nutshell- it’s structure that will make things run smoother. Structured tasks, structured communications, structured roles. Plus delegation. Put these tips to work for your family.

Cup Of Tea

5 minutes of ‘Slow’

Cup Of TeaYour lazy hazy days of summer probably aren’t very lazy when you’ve got kids, a house to run, maybe a job, parents to take care of, etc……

So here’s a bit of  ‘zen’ to slow you down for a healthy 5 minutes:


It needn’t be hot, it needn’t be tea, it just needs to be something you can enjoy while you decompress and focus on 5 minutes of time for yourself. And it needn’t be limited to summer.

Enjoy your ‘real’ break and work it into your day, every day.

What Kids Need Most

What Kids Need Most

What Kids Need MostThis reminder is designed for teachers, but parents ARE teachers, just as teachers are surrogate parents, especially in elementary school. And, these reminders aren’t really only about teaching, but are instead reminders of what we parents need to be providing each and every day to our kids.

What Kids Need the Most From Teachers

Take the time to listen to the TED talk on this subject– these lectures are always worthwhile and on point.

Question Mark

Tips on How to Answer Kid’s Difficult Questions

Question MarkAs our kids grow up, the questions they ask us parents get more  sophisticated and sometimes pretty hard to answer. Here’s help:

Tips on How to Answer Kid’s Difficult Questions.

How to deal with questions that don’t have ready answers, where the answers are beyond their ability to understand and when we ourselves don’t know the answers.

How we handle these situations can impact the depth of our communication with our children for years to come, so they’re very important.

Sportsparents Guide

Free ebook -Sportsparents Guide

Sportsparents GuideI could have used this help back when every waking moment (it seemed) was on the sidelines of a soccer field!

Free ebook – Kids in Sports | Character Building | JBM Thinks.

It can get incredibly time consuming and expensive when they’re all doing their sports, so these free tips might just make your life a bit easier.

Music On Headphones

10 Ways Parents Can Use Spotify

Music On HeadphonesA whole host of cool ways to use music from the web to accomplish various things – brought to you by the cool moms at Cool Mom Tech:

10 ways parents can use Spotify at Cool Mom Tech.

Taking the time beforehand to create a playlist for those road trips can really pay off in a thousand fewer ‘Are We There Yet’s?”. How about a settle down for the nap playlist. You can apparently even find karaoke versions to entertain the kids in the car or in the basement. Good ideas all!