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Leaving For College

Top 10 Student Worries As They Head Off To College

Leaving For CollegeParents certainly worry as they send their babies off to college, but so do the kids. Take a look at this big jump from their point of view:

Kids Going to College: Top 10 Student Worries – Parenting, Love, Fashion, Health, Food, Home

With these clues about what’s going through their minds as they pack up this August, you can have some helpful and stress-reducing conversations that will make their transition just a little bit easier.



HourglassThis is a marvelous ‘tutorial’ on how kids learn about and come to understand time, and why they don’t ‘get it’ right off and drive us nuts with their impatience.

This isn’t about reading a clock– it’s about the whole intangible concept of time. With suggestions as to to how to help them learn.




Life Success For Students With Learning Disabilities

StudentThis is an extensive resource “based on more than twenty years of ground-breaking research on the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities. … to bring you the latest research to help you raise your children with learning disabilities”. If this applies to you, you need to check this out.

Life Success For Students With Learning Disabilities: A Parents Guide | LD Topics | LD OnLine.

See the suggestions for helping your LD child master the 6 success attributes that were found to really matter, enabling your child to reach their potential.

Father And Son Baseball

10 Sports a Dad Should Teach his Children

Father And Son BaseballAn interesting take on the ‘other’ takeaways from sharing sports with our children. It’s not all about athletic prowess or even about learning a game that can be enjoyed for years or a lifetime and shared with others. There’s way more to be gained from learning a sport than just learning the sport. You’ll be surprised how much there is to be gained- check it out:

Bellyitch: 10 Sports a dad should teach his son (or daughter).

If nothing else, and there IS a lot more, Dads sharing a sport with their child or children opens up a whole realm of possible interactions and communications between them that shouldn’t be missed.

Jack In The Box

Toy Tasting Video Channel – Parental Resource

Jack In The BoxGet some help choosing toys and playthings from the overabundance of choices- not ALL of which are actually good or worthwhile or durable.

ToyTasting – Toy Tasting | Video Channel. About Toys.

By moms for moms– check them out before your next trip to the toy store or when you’re specifically asked to get a certain toy.

This is a new site, and evolving, but it’s already got over 200 toy reveiws to help you out. Happy Hunting.

Teenage Boy

Promoting Positive Transition During Adolescence

Teenage Boy

These factors help to predict positive outcomes for teens. Most are within our parental control, and all serve as good reminders that our teens still need parenting, boundaries, encouragement and support.

Promoting positive transition during adolescence – Ridvan FoxhallRidvan Foxhall.

Perhaps the surprise here is the importance of structured activities for teens. Things like a hobby they share and do with a parent increases their connectedness and that impacts their feelings of support.

Teenage Girl

Low Teen Self-Esteem

Teenage GirlIt’s unfortunately too easy for teens to lose their self-esteem as they mature. See this list of just some of the things that can impair their self-image:

Low Self-Esteem – One of the Perils of Being a Teenager | Strong for Parenting Blog.

Perhaps the most important things we can do as parents to combat low self esteem is to treat our teens with respect and talk to them as adults, not as children. As hard as it can be, parents need to not be judgmental- everyone makes mistakes and the important thing is to learn from them.


Their Brain and New Skills

BrainSome insights here into how our kids brains’ process learning new skills – and tips to help the process along.

A Child’s brain as they learn new skill.

It’s amazing how the brain functions much like a muscle– repetition creates strength, size, ease of doing.

But the BIG message here is that in order to learn new skills, kids NEED to learn to fail and it is an important part of the process of learning. They need to learn to fail EARLY, not later.

Magisto App

Magisto Movie App

Magisto AppIf you’re needing to share your kids long distance with relatives or just want to capture those special moments on your phone video, check out this app that makes it all a LOT easier to accomplish.

Easy and fun movie making with Magisto #MagistoMoms | Mommy Goggles.

It’s like a custom video editor that weaves your takes into a story, complete with music, and all simple to use. It’s the highest rated video creation app in Google Play, AND it works on the iOS, android and web platforms.

Check it out!