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Child Reading

Online Reading Program

Child ReadingThis online reading program from Reading Kingdom might be your way to avoid the summer slide and get that reading actually done over the vacation months. Start with the link below to one mom’s review and then explore the site and the other testimonials.

Reading Kingdom Squashes Summer Brain Drain | Reading Kingdom Blog – Reading Kingdom Blog | Reading Kingdom Blog.

Mixing in fun activities with the reading should make the whole experience more fun and less ‘work’ for the kids, meaning they should be more willing to do it, which is really the whole point, isn’t it?

Sidewalk Soduku

Sidewalk Sudoku!

Sidewalk SodukuWhat a great way to take summer brain training outside into the sunshine– get that vitamin D along with thinking!

The Usual Mayhem: Sidewalk Sudoku!.

You can use cut out shapes or draw chalk shapes. Graduate from shapes to numbers, from a 3×3 grid to a 4×4 grid. Lots of possibilities here.

And if you need a refresher on how to play- here’s the rules for this shape based sudoku:

Summer Writing Prompts

24 FUN Writing Prompts

Summer Writing PromptsWriting often gets short shrift over the summer when everyone thinks to focus on reading, and maybe math. But in fact, writing can be the easiest of the three to actually get them to do as it’s creative and fun, especially when they get good ideas to run with.

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: 24 FUN Writing Prompts for Kids {Keeping a Summer Writing Journal}.

These ideas for writing journals and a printable list of story starters will get your kids the writing practice they need over the summer.

Critter Snacking Ladder

Make a Critter Snacking Ladder

Critter Snacking LadderEasy for the kids to make with birdseed, TP tubes, peanut butter from the cupboard and some ribbon or string.

Kid Craft: Make a Critter Snacking Ladder | eHow Mom | eHow.

Put a clipboard at the nearest viewing window and have everyone log in who they see enjoying a snack, and the times that the animals come to get it!

Summer Learning Ideas

Summer Learning for Kids

Summer Learning IdeasHere’s a whole host of ways to keep the learning going over the summer, primarily for preschool and young ones:

Summer Learning for Kids–Avoid the Summer Slide! –

These suggestions cover math, science, and literacy and they’re all fun too.

Be sure to follow the link at the bottom of the post for the 40 more ways to stop the summer slide.




Best Educational-Science Apps for Kids

TabletBeen talking a lot about preventing the summer slide– and it’s all over the parenting sites and tweets too. Glad to see people are taking it seriously and providing resources to diminish the problem. Here’s a good resource for the slightly older set:

Best Educational Apps for Kids – Upper Elementary and Middle School Science Apps

It’s not just reading that suffers, and for some kids it might actually be easier to engage their brains with science (or math) than reading. So load a bunch of these up on your mobiles so they’re ready and waiting when the opportunity presents itself.

Egg In Bottle

Hands-On Science

Egg In BottleThe summer slide isn’t ONLY about reading- it’s about all things academic. And I can’t think of a more fun way to get the grey matter working than with some of these hands-on science experiments brought to you by the BBC:

BBC One – Bang Goes the Theory – Hands-on Science

Turning a raw egg into a bouncy rubber ball has certainly got MY attention!

Teaching Kids About Gratitude

We all take so much for granted– making it harder to teach our kids to be grateful for all their advantages. But it is important that they grow up understanding how really privileged they are compared to others in our world.

Teaching Kids About Gratitude – YouTube

And the answer is truly simple- stop taking it for granted and start talking about it, thinking about it, enumerating it. New car conversation starter: “What are you grateful for today?”