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Motion Math

FractionsTurn screen time into learning time- with this app it’s learning about fractions through a motion activated app game. Motion meaning tilting or moving the device to play the game. To quote:

Movement awakens and activates our mental capacities. Movement integrates and anchors new information and experience into our neural networks. Moving while learning increases learning.

Motion Math HD – Fractions.

So get some summer math in with a fun game on your smartphone or tablet. Beats killing aliens!


5 Innovative Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

Tablet5 reading apps your kids will enjoy doing– so no arguments about doing ‘work’ over the summer. Combining reading with a game challenge works like a charm to get them into it.

5 MORE Innovative Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

These apps cover a range of ages and ability levels, so you’ll find something here for your reader.

Montessori Triangles

Triangles for Geometry

Montessori TrianglesJust making a ‘toy’ like these triangles available to your young child builds creativity, to say nothing of the math concepts it actually teaches through the playing. That’s what I admire so much about the Montessori approach.

Intro to Math for Kids {Triangle Stars} – Carrots Are Orange.

There’s a good suggestion to use the printable triangle templates with craft foam for durability, but even poster board will do.

This is an activity you will at least start by doing together- see the suggestions in the post. I’m betting your child, if old enough, will then take it further without your assistance.

Preschool Apps

Preschool Apps

Preschool AppsHere’s a mom’s top 10 recommendations for preschool learning apps for the smartphone or tablet. I really like her approach: since there’s almost no way around the fact that this technology is going to be part of their lives, harnass it to provide a learning experience rather than solely an entertainment experience.

Top 10 Educational Apps for Preschoolers.

There’s a lot of math and number/letter recognition that becomes fun when it’s interactive as it is on these devices. And far more beneficial in the long run than Angry Birds!

Number Rocks

Number Rocks Math Fun

Number RocksSneak in some summer math along with rock play! Paint the rocks together- any toy they’ve helped to create will be more ‘attractive’ and get used. You’ll probably have to add the numbers and symbols, but your child will still be invested in those rocks. Then, the math fun can begin.

Number Rocks Math Fun [Contributed by Fun-A-Day!] –.

There’s lot of ways to play with these that teach a range of math concepts: bigger and smaller, matching numbers to their meaning (the count of the symbols), putting numbers together to make bigger numbers ( a 2 and a 4 makes 24), and if you make enough rocks, simple addition and subtraction.

Before you or your child knows it, lots of math has been learned and practiced. 

Lego Animal Cards

Lego Animal Alphabet Cards

Lego Animal CardsThese are printable for you to use with your kids– they can copy the Lego creation and you can supplement with some animal learning, perhaps on line with real pictures and related information.

Lego Animal Alphabet Cards I-L ( and library pick of the week) |.

Do click on the preceding Alphabet Cards A-K, and enjoy them all.

Don’t have quite all the shapes and colors in the pictures? Good!  That teaches kids to improvise and think outside the box.

Avokiddo App

Explore Emotions and Feelings via Interactive Play

Avokiddo AppAs the saying goes- ‘There’s an App for That!” And now there really is. An app that will help preschoolers explore emotions and feelings with these animals and different scenarios that evoke different responses. All without verbal communication, just facial cues- exactly what kids need to learn to ‘read’.

Explore Emotions and Feelings via Interactive Play – Avokiddo Emotions

Non verbal communication and learning about emotions is a greatly overlooked life skill that our kids need to learn, so having an app for it is terrific!

Bratty Books

Good Books With Bratty Characters

Bratty BooksOur kids don’t learn to read just so they can read– it’s important because reading is the key to much knowledge and learning.

And that learning can start very early when we read to and with our kids, and should influence the choice of at least some of the books we choose. As we strive to teach our young ones about good behavior, books can help.

Good Books With Bratty Characters { and why you should check them out } – No Time For Flash Cards.

They may laugh at the ‘bad’ behavior of characters in books, but they still recognize it for what it is. These books create teachable moments and talking points to help our kids learn more than just how to read.