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6 Tips for Choosing Just Right Books


Perhaps the fastest way to sabotage your childs’ summer reading is to make it too difficult for their actual reading level. But most parents aren’t teachers, and it can be difficult to judge which books are the right books to make it a pleasant experience that encourages reading all while improving the reading skills.

So big ‘Thanks’ to¬† for these helpful ways to choose the right level of books for your child.

Reading Level: 6 Tips for Choosing Just Right Books.

Boy Reading

Great Books for GeekKids

Boy ReadingProbably the best way to insure that summer reading actually happens is to be armed with a load of intriguing and engaging books that just call out to be read on those rainy afternoons or at-home evenings. So here’s a shout-out to Geek Mom for a great list for ‘geek kids’, and probably any kid.

BookExpo 2013: Great Books for GeekKids | GeekMomGeekMom.

From picture books for young ones to interactive e-books to novels, all new from BookExpo America in NYC. Take a look and see which will appeal to your summer reader(s).

Carrying Books

3 Banned Books Kids “Must” Read

Carrying BooksObviously, this is one person’s opinion, but the advice to look into WHY certain books get put on certain lists is appropriate.

Books can be an excellent way to learn about and be exposed to some of the harder or tougher things in life, and it’s that subject matter that may get them on the ‘banned’ list. Read about the three mentioned in this article and you’ll see that it’s not at all a clear line between appropriate and not; depends what you want for your child.

3 Banned Books Kids Must Read : PragmaticMom.

In other words, don’t take these ‘lists’ at pure face value. Exercise your own judgement.


Android Animal Spelling Game

Android Animals Spelling Game for Kids

Android Animal Spelling GameThis is a free Android app for your phone to keep your early reader-speller entertained in the back seat or the doctors waiting room or wherever they need something to focus on. Animals Spelling Game for Kids: Appstore for Android

Have a selection of learning apps on your smartphone for all those ‘are we there yet’s’ and other ‘teachable’ moments.

Mother Daughter Book Clubs

Ten Empowering Books for Girls

Mother Daughter Book ClubsTwo great ideas here– take your pick or choose to do both.

Lets start with these 10 books, all about girls accomplishing great things and delivering that important message to our daughters. Several set in other cultures that gives even more breadth to these learning experiences.

Top Ten Empowering Books for Girls: Mother Daughter Book Clubs | TowardTheStars

And why not share these empowering stories with our daughters and their friends in a mother-daughter book club. A simply marvelous idea to promote literacy and build a new bridge between our growing up girls and the parents they’ll soon be ¬†pushing hard against as they hit their teens.

Talking about situations and problems that come up in books might just help to build a path to talking about them in a few years.

Teen Reading

Teens – Kindle eBooks

Teen ReadingLots to choose from here: Teens – Kindle eBooks: Kindle Store: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance, Mysteries & Thrillers & More

Load a couple up on your or your teens iPad or kindle so the books are right at hand when they need something to do this summer. That way, the something to do is to read!

Do read the reviews– I delved into a couple and they are most definately for OLDER teens, not the young ones.

Guys Read

Chapter Books for Boys aged 9 and Up

Guys ReadAnything that promotes literacy, especially among our boys, is a good thing. So keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming new release in the Guys Read series for boys age 9 and up.

Chapter Books for Boys aged 9 and Up : PragmaticMom

These books are collections of short stores by well known authors, all geared toward boys. Short stories have always been a good way to get kids into reading- they’re short!

You can even enter to win an Advance Copy of the newest in the series! And how’s about giving one of these books as a birthday party present.