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Sight Word App

Sight Word App

Sight Word AppWith the use of voice recognition software, this learning app will delight your kids as they learn their sight words. Great summer fun learning to keep those skills sharp.

Our Village is a Little Different: The Sight Words Reading #App Uses Voice Recognition Technology #FutureFlashCard.

Includes words for kids from preschool through 3rd grade, so everybody can play and learn.

Child Reading

Online Reading Program

Child ReadingThis online reading program from Reading Kingdom might be your way to avoid the summer slide and get that reading actually done over the vacation months. Start with the link below to one mom’s review and then explore the site and the other testimonials.

Reading Kingdom Squashes Summer Brain Drain | Reading Kingdom Blog – Reading Kingdom Blog | Reading Kingdom Blog.

Mixing in fun activities with the reading should make the whole experience more fun and less ‘work’ for the kids, meaning they should be more willing to do it, which is really the whole point, isn’t it?

Learning To Spell

How Do Kids Learn to Spell?

Learning To Spell

It’s very helpful to parents trying to help their kids learn to have at least some understanding of the learning process. Thanks to this teacher for providing that understanding here for spelling:

How Do Kids Learn to Spell? (Word Study, Part 2) – The Measured Mom

Despite spell check, this IS an important skill to learn as part of literacy and reading skill development. The more we parents can nudge it along, the better.

Artist Books

Art and Literature

Artist BooksIf you’ve got a budding artist creating away at your kitchen table, you need to take a look at this marvelous board over on Pinterest. It has a fabulous collection of children’s books about art and various well know artists.

Art and Literature.

If nothing else, books like these will introduce young kids to different styles of art that they’ll no doubt try to copy and perhaps incorporate into their own work. Or, they’ll take it further and learn about the people and the movements, and they’ll be reading. It’s all good.

Word Jar

Word Jar

Word JarWhat a simple idea for a little summer learning to stop that ‘summer slide’! Have a jar for each child, geared to their language level. Everybody grabs a word on the way out the door in the morning, and everybody shares their word, it’s spelling and definition that night at dinner. Maybe even use it in a sentence.

Summer Learning with Vocabulary Word Jar.

Good Idea- thanks

2014 Newbery Predictions

Predicting 2014 Newbery, Caldecott and Printz Winners

2014 Newbery PredictionsContenders for winning literary awards sounds like a great place to start when looking for good summer reading for the kids. Thanks, yet again, to pragmatic for her help in finding good reads for our kids.

Predicting 2014 Newbery, Caldecott and Printz Winners : PragmaticMom.

This post not only provides actual mini-reviews of 24 books, but links to sources for finding good books- a terrific resource.

Brush Of The Gods

Brush Of The Gods

Brush Of The GodsThe illustrations ALONE make this book one to pick up for the kids this summer, but there’s more hear than beautiful art. Thanks to for finding this gem- you can find it on Amazon or perhaps in your library.

While it is a picture book, it tells a true story from Chinese history about a famous Chinese artist. Books are a wonderful way to introduce aspects of different cultures to our kids.

Check out this interview with the author, and I bet like me you’ll be ready to run and get your hands on this lovely book to share with your family.

Interview: Lenore Look | sharpread.


Teen Reading

Non-Fiction Reading

Teen ReadingSee how a ‘book trailer’ for a non-fiction book on the history of the A-Bomb might get your child interested in reading a non-fiction book.

Pragmatic Mom’s post on Kid Lit | Latest updates on Sulia

Follow the link below the video to a resource for non-fiction titles that just might interest your summer readers! From two librarians- one a youth librarian and the other a school librarian, so this is all geared to kids.

Reading Activities

Pre and Early Reading Activities

Reading ActivitiesRockabye Butterfly has created a whole (and extensive) set of printable pre and early reading activity sheets for the Bob Books beginning reader series. All right there on the website for you to just print out and use as you go through these books with your child or children. BIG Thank You!

Rockabye Butterfly: BOB Books- Sam

More to come, it says every Monday, as they work their way through the whole book series.

You can, of course, create your own based on your child’s favorite books and stories using all these great activity ideas as your templates.