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Peanut Butter Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Peanut Smoothie

Peanut Butter Blueberry SmoothieAside from the undoubtedly delicious taste, this smoothie recipe has a LOT going for it in the healthy department.

National Peanut Board » Blueberry Peanut Smoothie

Blueberries are VERY potent anti-oxidants and peanuts are loaded with protein. While not a lo-cal smoothie, this is high healthy. And with blueberries in full summer swing, now is the time to try this. You might want to substitute plain greek yogurt and a little stevia for the vanilla yogurt. Even though it’s fat free, there’s typically a lot of sugar in flavored yogurts.

Fruits And Veggies

Buy These 10 Fruits & Vegetables Organic

Fruits And VeggiesThere’s lots of good reasons to buy organic– from the environment to local farmer support to our health. But organic can be pricey, so knowing WHICH produce should be organic due to possible pesticide contamination will allow you to spend your organic dollars wisely.

Buy Organic Varieties of These 10 Fruits & Vegetables | Healthy Child Healthy World.

I saw a comment on Twitter (that I then couldn’t find) suggesting that the money we can save eliminating or reducing our junk food purchases would easily pay for our more expensive organic purchases. Good idea!!

Glass Of Water

Drink Yourself Slim-Not Fat

Glass Of WaterIf I’d known then what I know now, those juice boxes would never have made it into the house. Known that sugar was addictive. Known that the average American consumed almost 450 ‘beverage calories’ PER DAY in 2002, as per the study referenced here:

Drink Yourself Slim-Not Fat – EnergyFirst.

It becomes pretty obvious where our obesity epidemic is coming from– at least in good part.

Get the kids off the juice and onto water, sparkling water with lemon or lime, stevia sweetened drinks instead of chemically sweetened sodas. Make lemonade with stevia/Truvia. Have them eat the fruit instead of drink the juice and at least they’re getting the fiber in addition to the natural sugar.

Worst Kids Foods

12 Worst Kids Foods and Alternatives

Worst Kids FoodsNot that you don’t already know what’s bad to give the kids, but it’s hard to avoid these evils so here’s a reminder AND some alternatives to make it easier.

12 Worst Foods and 12 Healthier Alternatives

And the good news? Start them young on the healthy alternatives and it will be much easier to stay the course and help them build healthy eating habits. They’ll still eat those potato chips and hot dogs when they’re out of the house, but serving veggie chips and turkey dogs at home won’t  even raise an eyebrow if that’s the way it’s always been.

Mexican Pizza

5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Summer Produce

Mexican PizzaSummer’s the ideal time to make progress getting more veggies in your children’s diet, and building the veggie habit along the way.

5 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Summer Produce – Family Focus Blog

It’s a little late to get your child invested in your garden by planting it with you, but NOT too late to get them into it with watering and harvesting tasks.

Take your child with you to the farmers market– a marvelous visual and sensory experience that will perk up the interest in fresh veggies.

Cook that produce they’ve picked, or picked out at the market, together now that there’s no school and homework to make it even harder to get dinner on the table

Explore veggie dishes, like the yummy Mexican Pizza recipe at the end of the post, with links to other mexican ideas for your enjoyment


Summer Writing Prompts

24 FUN Writing Prompts

Summer Writing PromptsWriting often gets short shrift over the summer when everyone thinks to focus on reading, and maybe math. But in fact, writing can be the easiest of the three to actually get them to do as it’s creative and fun, especially when they get good ideas to run with.

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: 24 FUN Writing Prompts for Kids {Keeping a Summer Writing Journal}.

These ideas for writing journals and a printable list of story starters will get your kids the writing practice they need over the summer.