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Glowing Modeling Clay

Glowing Clay Recipe

Glowing Modeling ClaySave some money and make it better, all at the same time thanks to Crystal over at Growing a Jeweled Rose:

Glowing Clay Recipe ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose.

Follow the link at the top for the recipe to make your own modeling clay– a wonderfully creative plaything that works on the right-brain creative side as well as those small motor skills. Unlike play dough, modeling clay air dries to a smooth non-crumbly finish so creations can be kept, even given as gifts to appreciative relatives.

And, of course, it’s all even more fun in glow in the dark colors! Made yourself with this recipe, it’s cheap enough to make a big batch and have the kids create as a party craft activity.


Move Dice Game

Get Up & Move Dice Game

Move Dice GameBuy the boxes and add the directions any way you want. These have been painted in chalk board paint so the directions can be changed at will. One die is different movements, the other different directions. Change it up with more creative instructions, such as ‘like a cat’ or ‘like a crab’ or whatever you think of.

Homemade Toddler Game- Get Up & Move Dice ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

I virtually guarantee you’ll use these again and again– perhaps when an outside diversion is needed or with playmates. With more than two boxes, this would also make a great party activity for these young children.

Drawing Animals

Animal Drawing Tutorial for Kids

Drawing AnimalsThis is just one of 13 different animals this poster tutorial will help your kids learn to draw, and probably inspire them to figure out how to draw others as well.

Poster Drawing Tutorial

Using just the simplest of shapes, requiring coordination but probably not inate artistic talent, they can create these simple animals without getting discouraged. Making their drawing that much more enjoyable.

Letter Box

Letter And Shape Box

Letter BoxMake this easy travel toy for restaurants or anywhere you have a flat play surface and waiting time that needs an activity. Keep the box in your car?

Tot Treasures: Easy and fun DIY

Once you’ve grabbed the inexpensive pencil case, colored craft sticks and velcro dots from the craft store, you can assemble the kit in no time.

With a really inexpensive box, or just a papered over tin can,  this toy would make a nice party favor for the preschool set.

Dress Up Cupboard

Dress Up Cupboard

Dress Up CupboardTake ‘Dress Up’ to a whole new level with this recycled old dresser turned into a beautiful dress up wardrobe that encourages this important form of imaginative play.

Dress Up Wardrobe

Start with a cheap flea market or tag sale dresser, not so tall that your child can’t reach the hanging rod. Remove all but one or two drawers  (depending on the depth of the drawers). Just add paint, the hanging rod and a few hooks.

Your daughter will be thrilled and she and her friends will have a wonderful time playing dress up. You’ll be pleased that everything has it’s place and order is maintained.

Decoupage Bottles

Decoupage Bottles

Decoupage BottlesDecoupage is a fun, easy and messy craft activity. Perfect for summer where you can do it outside and then hose everything down, kids included.

Catch a Single Thought…: Getting Crafty With ASDA

Decoupage bottles, cans, boxes and make things that can actually be used- unlike most paper macho creations. Pencil holders, vases, treasure boxes- the possibilities are many.

Have the kids make some as gifts for grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, and they’ll be busy for quite a while!

30 Felt Toys

Homemade Felt Toys

30 Felt Toys Here are 30 ideas for toys you can make from colorful, wonderful felt– even a link to get the felt. We all remember felt boards in school, but there’s no reason felt play/learning can’t be had in the home as well.

Homemade Toys & Learning Activities from Felt – Buggy and Buddy.

Ideas from paper/felt dolls with clothes to storyboards, most with no sewing because felt doesn’t fray when cut.

I like the idea of making these for gifts– homemade always says you care.


Scotch Tape Nails

Scotch Tape Nails

Scotch Tape NailsUse narrow strips of scotch tape to create marvelous colorful patterns instead of a same-old manicure. Saves your money at the nail salon and keeps your teen or pre-teen girls busy having fun.

Fashion Worship

Give them this picture when they’re hanging out needing something to do, having a bunch of friends over for a sleepover, or at their spa party.

You might want to test with peelable labels instead of scotch tape, as it would be easier for them to handle the narrow strips than if cut from scotch tape.


Sticky Wall Playscape

Sticky Wall Play Scape

Sticky Wall PlayscapeCreate a blank tableau for their creativity with contact paper and construction paper:

Rainy Day Activities for Kids: Sticky Wall Play Scape – Mama Smiles – Joyful Parenting.

Akin to the letters on the frig, show them that pieces of construction paper can be put on and then repositioned to make a story, a pattern, and let them take it from there. Have pencils and markers (washable) available so they can take it all the next step.