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Homemade Scratch Art

Homemade Scratch Art

Homemade Scratch ArtThis will keep them busy for a good while on a long too hot or rainy summer afternoon. All you need are the crayons, black tempera paint, a few drops of dish liquid (why – I’m not sure) and toothpicks or other object for ‘scratching’. Cardstock is helpful as the toothpicks won’t penetrate as easily as on regular paper.

Scratch Art | Skip To My Lou

Have your birthday child (and siblings) make up the underlying color palettes painted black and this can double as a party craft. Just provide construction paper frames (as in the picture) for them to take home their creations.

Father And Son Baseball

10 Sports a Dad Should Teach his Children

Father And Son BaseballAn interesting take on the ‘other’ takeaways from sharing sports with our children. It’s not all about athletic prowess or even about learning a game that can be enjoyed for years or a lifetime and shared with others. There’s way more to be gained from learning a sport than just learning the sport. You’ll be surprised how much there is to be gained- check it out:

Bellyitch: 10 Sports a dad should teach his son (or daughter).

If nothing else, and there IS a lot more, Dads sharing a sport with their child or children opens up a whole realm of possible interactions and communications between them that shouldn’t be missed.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Alphabet Scavenger HuntThis is the PERFECT answer to this summer’s “I’m Bored” complaint. They’ll be off hunting for a good long time, and the young ones will be reinforcing their alphabet skills in the process. Older kids will just enjoy the hunt. I particularly like this for outdoors- it’s harder.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt | Best Activities for Kids.

Do be sure to set some rules– i.e. no picking the neighbors flowers, no crossing the street, etc.

Having a birthday party in the park or some other outside venue? This would be a good party activity PROVIDED you set limits on where they can go. Send them off in teams to keep them together. Give them a time limit, tell them they WON’T be able to get every letter but the team that gets the most will be the winner.

Cloud Dough Sandcastles

Cloud Dough Sandcastles

Cloud Dough SandcastlesIf you can’t get to the beach, bring the beach to your house with this recipe for cloud dough that your kids can use to make sandcastles, or anything else they want.

Sandcastle messy play :: homemade cloud dough recipe – NurtureStore.

Really cool stuff– baby oil and flour that looks all crumbly, like sand, until you squeeze and mold it and then it holds it’s shape. Perfect for sand building or sand sculpture. On the patio or deck, under a big shady umbrella or tree. Then the sprinkler or the hose to keep the ‘sand’ outside and just for more fun.

TP Tube Favor Boxes

Recycled Pillow Box Party Favors

TP Tube Favor BoxesYour birthday child can pitch in on their party prep by making these TP tube favor boxes– and have fun doing it too!

Recycled Pillow Box Favors | Skip To My Lou

All these take are the TP tubes, paint and decorations such as stickers or more paint, and spray gloss once the decorations are done. Fill with your party favor hand-outs. The kids will be wanting to know how to make these nifty little containers.

Animal Watercolor Silhouettes

Watercolor Silhouette

Animal Watercolor SilhouettesA different kind of painting that your older elementary school age child or tween may enjoy. The negative images can be animals as you see or anything they fancy, cut from a magazine or found online and printed on card stock.

DIY: Watercolor Silhouette | Pretty Prudent.

They’ll enjoy the challenge of getting their watercolor paint to spread in interesting and attractive ways on the wet ‘canvas’ (watercolor paper) to make the backdrop for the silhouette.

Even if your child isn’t going to be the next Rembrandt, exploring new art forms is an exercise in creativity and right brain thinking, both skills all kids needs to develop.

Coin Rubbings

Coin Rubbings

Coin RubbingsThe kids will probably have never made a ‘rubbing’ before, so it will be new and interesting. Just take a variety of coins, fairly heavy white paper  and their crayons and colored pencils. Minimal set up and virtually mess free.

Art and Math Activities : Coin Rubbings.

After the art, have the child match the rubbings to the coins and write down the values of each. Move on to how many pennies in a nickel, etc. A sneaky way to get in a little summertime math.

Exploding Treasure Chests

Exploding Treasure Chests

Exploding Treasure Chests

Here’s a perfect activity for your preschool pirate party!

Pirate Science FUN: Exploding Treasure Chests – Fun-A-Day!

Make up your treasures ahead of time following the recipe and give the kids the vinegar and tubs or basins for the ‘explosions’ and the ‘squishing’. Perfect for an outdoor summertime Pirate Party where they can get messier than indoors.

This is kitchen science at it’s best and will be the big hit of your Pirate Birthday!

Homemade Face Paint

Homemade Facepaint

Homemade Face PaintMaking your own face paint has to be cheaper than buying it, and allows for more quantity, either for a larger canvas or more faces or bodies, as in at a party.

Easy Facepaint

Summer and cleaning up with the hose or the sprinkler allows your preschooler to experiment with paint all over themselves! This is the ‘larger canvas’ I was referring to above. It’s an experiment/experience they won’t forget.

Serve up your homemade facepaint with small brushes, and let the older kids decorate each others faces. Print off some templates for them to copy- just google ‘face painting templates’.

Do heed the warning about store bought food coloring and getting them cleaned up after.