Cat Art

CatArt iPad App

Cat ArtYou may not even need a kid to enjoy this kids activity – but you do need a cat! And an iPad.┬áThis is just too funny not to share. Thanks to the ever creative for finding this one.

According to the humane society, there are 78.2 million dogs in the US and 86.4 million cats, and all those cats could use a little entertainment that will also entertain their owners and their kids.

For $1.89 in the app store, your cat can engage his (or her) inner Picasso. The screen has a mouse (as in mice, not computer) that your cat will go after with his paw. As the paw touches and moves around the screen, the art gets created using one of the 10 ‘crazy palettes’ built into the app. One reviewer wished the mouse wouldn’t run off the screen as her cat then tries to get his paw under the iPad, but I’d think that would be part of the fun here! Check out these┬ávideos of the predecessor game– without the resulting artwork.

When your child enjoys this game with the cat, challenge the child to do fun things with the resulting artwork- use it as a note card to write to grandparents, to make a collage for their room.

This is just too funny and if you’ve got the app on your iPad you’ve got a kids activity on call anytime you need it that will keep them busy for a bit and having fun. And your cat will thank you too!

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