Ring Toss

Carnival Ring Toss

Ring Toss Yesterday’s post about carnival parties got me remembering the good old ‘ring toss’ game that you see at every school and church carnival- because it’s fun! And it’s not at all hard to replicate it for play at your at-home carnival party.

All you need are old fashioned Coke or other soft drink bottles, unopened, and the rings. These rings at Amazon are under $10 (as of this date) and you also get pegs to put in the ground to play the game outdoors .

For indoors, set up your game table with a colorful plastic tablecloth and the Coke bottles all lined up, 3 or 4 rows deep. Place a masking tape line on the floor in front of the table to mark the distance the player must stand from the table.

Experiment with the distance between the bottles and the distance from the table to get the right combination for your age groups ability. You want them to win, but not every time.

Search Amazon for ‘ring toss games’ and you’ll find a variety of inflatable and wooden ring toss games, if you’d prefer to have a game for home use after the party.

[DISCLOSURE: If you make any purchase through the link on this page, I make a commission from Amazon. Seems reasonable to me…..]

You can jazz this game up with little stickers that fit on the bottle caps with different numbers. Add up the total number ‘rung’ to determine that child’s prize or the number of tickets he/she receives to turn in later.  You can print out tickets here.

Encourage the kids to cheer each other on so everyone is involved.

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