Caramel Apple

Caramel Apples

Caramel AppleIs it a party food or a party game when they make the Caramel Apples themselves as part of your party activities? Does it matter as long as they’re busy and having fun?

It’s fall and caramel apples are most definitely a fall treat that your party kids will love. Here’s a great recipe that despite requiring an accurate candy thermometer, not a really big expense if you don’t have one, looks quite easy for your helper to whip up in the kitchen. Time it early in your party so you can call everyone in to make their caramel apples when it’s cooled a bit without disrupting a major activity.

Your helper has made the caramel, you’ve got the apples and the popsicle sticks for them to stick in as handles, and you’re set to go. The kids just give their apples a handle and rotate them through the caramel one at a time. Cool them for 15 minutes and let them all enjoy their treat. Better still, have each party guest make two, one to eat and one to take home as their party favor. Your helper can wrap each one in cellophane with pretty curling ribbon so they look extravagant and no one will miss any other party favor.

Make this next birthday party a fall celebration with a pumpkin bowling game (self-explanatory), sack races, leaf pile making/jumping, bobbing for apples, and your caramel apples will fit right in. Whether you call it party food or a party game, caramel apples are tasty fun.

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