Bunco for Teens and Tweens

DiceNot really a casino night dice game, but Bunco is good fun nonetheless.  And it’s probably perfect for a teen or preteen girls slumber party where they can get good and silly.

You need 3 groups of 4 to play, although you can be one short, but no more. You’ll need a nice big stuffed animal to sit in for that missing 4th person. Each group of 4 plays as two teams of 2, needs three dice and a flat throwing surface. In addition, you’ll need a bell like a cow bell and a silly feather boa. Plus score sheets for every player, which you can print off here.

Designate one ‘table’ or group of 4 players the High Table, one the Middle Table and one the Low Table. The bell goes to the High Table. The kids can draw numbers to determine who sits where or they can just sit as they’ll be mixing it up as they play. Players sitting across from each other are a team. (If one team member is that big stuffed animal, the other team member will roll for both team members.) All players get a scoresheet and pencil.

When the High Table rings the bell, play begins. One at a time, they roll the three dice. Every ‘1’ that’s rolled is worth a point on the score sheet, and the dice pass to the next player when no ‘1’s’ are rolled. Play continues until a team at the High Table reaches 21 points, and they yell ‘Bunco!’. If anyone rolls three ‘1’s’ in one roll, they also yell ‘Bunco’, get to wear that silly boa and add 21 points to their team score. Anyone rolling three of any other number in one roll earns a mini-bunco and that team gets 5 points- no boa.

When the round is over, the team at each table with the most points is the winner. Score by circling the round if you won, x’ing it out if your team lost. Also, everyone should keep track of any bunco’s they roll.

After the first round rolling for ‘1’s’, the High Table winners stay put, the Middle Table winners move to the High Table, the Low Table winners move to the Middle Table, and the High Table losers move to the Low Table. Everyone else stays at their table, BUT everyone at each table switches to a new partner. And this round, the object is to roll 2’s. The next round it would be 3’s, etc.

The kids can just play for fun or for small prizes for the most wins, the most losses, the most bunco’s, the one wearing the boa at the end, whatever other prize category you can think of.

Bunco is a popular game, sometimes played for money or as a fundraiser, and always fun, so you know your preteen or teenage party kids will enjoy it too. And again, keep Bunco in mind for the long hours of a slumber party.

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