Newspaper Structures

Building with Newspaper

Newspaper Structures

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This is an inexpensive building project perfect for small groups at your next Bob the Builder party, or any other party needing a building themed activity. Suitable for young school aged kids, keep the groups they work in to 2 or 3 kids as any larger and it’s too tough for them to coordinate without getting into arguments.

These tubes are nothing more than rolled up newspaper, which you’ll make lots of ahead of time. Get the whole family involved in the rolling. The rolls are kept in place with a hole punched through the ends secured with pipe cleaners- which are then available for securing one rod to the next as well. Ingenious! Smart move from Valerie at

Just as Valerie did, build one structure for the kids to see and use as a model for their own structures, and as a jumping off point for their imaginations. GIve the kids a time limit, say 15 to 20 minutes, to complete their structures so there’s a little pressure to make decisions about what they’re doing and get it going.

Perhaps challenge them to see which group can build the tallest or the widest structure, or use the most rods- again, this gives their efforts a focus that can help them to agree and work together toward the goal.

You can bet they’ll be taking this play idea home with them to do on their own!

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