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Blowing BubblesIt’s been around 100 degrees here for most of the week, and it’s dreadful. Makes me think of summers long ago, before we all had a/c (I’m showing my age!). And makes me remember the things we did as kids during the seemingly endless summers. Blowing bubbles was a frequent activity- simply because it was so much fun. And it still is for the preschool set, so it’s one of the perfect kids party games for your preschooler party.

You don’t even really have to spend money buying the premixed bubble stuff for each child. As found on simplekids.com, you can very easily make your own bubble solution with 1/2 cup of dish soap and 1 cup warm water plus a touch of light corn syrup to add a bit of strength to the bubbles (about 1 tsp. for each cup of water). Let the kids mix it up themselves in a couple of unbreakable bowls.

Now you need bubble wands, but no problem. Gather circular type objects from around the house- funnels, drinking straws anything with a roughly circular part that can be dipped in the bubble solution.

Now- have the kids try out all the different wands and see who can get bubbles with what. Then see who can blow the biggest bubble. And who can create the smallest bubble. And here’s a bubble game I’d never heard of, also found on simplekids.com: add small tints of food coloring to the bubble solution (different colors in different solutions) and have the kids blow their bubbles directly on clean sheets of paper to create bubble art!

Simple kids party games are always a good option for the preschool set where following directions isn’t yet a highly developed skill.

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