Brain Games

Brain Games

Brain GamesWhen it comes to choosing birthday gifts for kids, there are almost too many options to make it an easy task. However, when it comes to presents that have some redeeming value, that narrows it down a lot. Gifts can’t be all out educational- there has to be a fun quotient in the gifts that makes it appear to be other than strictly educational.

Brain Games accomplishes this trick. Brain Games is essentially a collection of puzzles, games, mazes and a plethora of other exciting mental challenges that entertain while developing better thinking skills,  improving language skills and analytical reasoning.

Brain Games is a popular series for adults that is for the first time available for children. This kids edition is recommended for age 9 and up. The games’ sturdy spiral bound cover makes it great for road trips.

Brain Games has different types of puzzles, ranging from math to crossword, general knowledge to sequencing games. It doesn’t look like a school book so the kids won’t be ‘suspicious’. Instead, it’s filled with fun and mental challenges. It’s also quite cost effective compared to some more expensive birthday gifts you could give. So if you’re looking for presented that are fun and at the same time educational, then Brain Games is a great choice.

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