T-Shirt Fashions

T-ShirtsThis ‘craft’ can be your party for your next preteen or young teen girls birthday. They’ll be busy for at least an hour creating, chit chatting, modeling, then doing it all over again only better.

Get your hands on this instructional book or learn how to make transformed t-shirts from the various You Tube videos you can find when you google “how to make cut and tie t shirts”. Just one example of a transformed t-shirt: Cut up the side to the sleeve, then make 1 1/2″ to 2″ diagonal cuts on each side of that first cut to create strips front and back that can then be tied together to make a cool, form fitting shirt.

There are almost endless other things the kids can experiment with to create new, custom designed shirts and have a blast doing it at your party. I suggest you make three or four examples to get them started, print off pictures of some others from the book or the videos and let them figure it out.

Have each guest bring 3 or 4 of their old t-shirts and a pair of nice sharp scissors (labeled with their name) to your party. And caution them in the invitation to bring t-shirts that are big – the alterations will generally make them significantly smaller.

Put a decent sized mirror in your party room so they can try things on and see how their creations look. You can have sequins,  fabric glue, fabric paints, any decorative stuff from the craft store that they can add on to their creations. Have tunes playing and snacks around.

T-shirt transformation would be the only game you really need for this girls preteen or teen party, so it makes for a very easy party plan. And this instructional book would also make a great birthday gift for the fashionable girl that enjoys craft activities.

My girls made a million of these altered t-shirts back in the day, but no photos have survived to show you the fun things they can do. If you’ve got any photos of these, please add them in here for others to see.

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