Marshmallow Shooter

Birthday Party Games- Marshmallow Wars

Marshmallow ShooterGet Dad involved in the party prep and have a birthday party game the boys will have a blast playing; this is a Two-For! All it takes is a willing father and trip to the local Home Depot or it’s equivalent and some colorful spray paint. And, of course, plenty of mini marshmallows.

Not for lack of desire, but it’s often hard to find a meaningful way to get fathers involved in things like party prep, so it’s a bonus to have something that will accomplish that. But as soon as you start talking Home Depot, it’s a good bet they’ll step up to the plate.

Thanks to MomsCraftySpace blog for this marvelous idea for a mini marshmallow shooter that Dad (or you) can construct out of inexpensive 1/2″ PVC pipe pieces and connectors with the paint to make them look extra special. There’s no particular instructions given, or required, as the picture pretty much says it all: a handle and a barrel and a mouthpiece to blow out the mini marshmallows.

As both PVC and paint are probably not the ideal to put in the kids mouths, I’d suggest wrapping the shooting end with clear packaging tape (a couple of times around) just to be on the safe side.

For your pirate birthday party, cowboy party, star wars party or any other birthday party theme that justifies some kind of a team ‘war’, this is one of those perfect birthday party games. Or, it’s the perfect game for a pool party or any outdoor, backyard party. Just ’cause it’s fun!

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