Birds Nest

Birds Nest Nature Party Craft

Birds NestThese cute little guys will make a fun and easy craft activity for your party kids. Perfect for almost anytime of year provided you have pine cones in your area and the ground isn’t covered with snow. This craft fits nicely with any nature, camping or animal party theme.

Connect this craft with your nature themed party by having the kids collect the raw materials, if, again, you have those pine cones ready available. In addition to pine cones, the kids need to collect sticks of different lengths for the nest. You provide the goggly eyes and yellow felt for the beaks, the glue and the feathers from the craft store.

This great idea came from the Quirky Momma’s Kids Activity Blog, and she did this craft with her toddler– I’d not recommend so young for a birthday party craft where they’ll have to do this project more independently. Better for elementary school aged kids, 6 to 8 years old. While the pinecone birds are pretty simple, the ‘nest’ takes a bit of fussing to get right. The birds just require gluing on the eyes, beaks, and feather tails.

For the nests, take 3 of the larger sticks and make a triangle shape small enough to hold the number of birds made. Glue the triangle together and re-place the birds. Use smaller sticks to build up the sides of the nest, with more glue.

Make a birds nest for the kids to see and to model, and then let have some fun with their sticks and pinecones.

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