Pirate Cake

Betty Crocker Pirate Cake

Pirate CakeThose Betty Crocker’s are VERY clever people to come up with this wonderful and incredibly easy buccaneer for your next pirate birthday party. Just click on his graphic there to the left for a full scale video from the Betty Crocker kitchens showing you how to make this great looking cake.

Don’t be intimidated by his looks- he’s easy. All you need are two round cakes, 3 cans of ready made frosting in vanilla and chocolate, a template you’ll make out of cardboard or heavy paper for the hat (which you can see is no big deal) and assorted candies like licorice, fruit by the foot, marshmallow, M&M’s (one each for the eye), a mint patty (patch), square gum (teeth), jellied fruit ring (earring), and chocolate sprinkles for his stubble.

The video will show you how to do the frosting, including how to do a crumb coat which will keep this and any cake you decorate clean looking and free of crumbs. It’s just a first layer of frosting that seals everything, and again, no big deal and not very time consuming.

There’s a great tip in this video about frosting- using an offset spatula and hot water and working from the outside in to get a really smooth finish to your frosting.

There’s no need to be afraid to try making a cake like this. It’s easy and it’s even fun, and of course the kids will love it. With fun, themed kids birthday cakes like this one your party is sure to be a great success.

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