Balloon Yo Yo

Balloon Yo Yo

Balloon Yo YoThey can make ’em and then play with ’em; a party craft and game idea that costs you almost nothing. How’s THAT for a good deal? Let’s give a Thank You to for coming up with this good idea that can be used at most any party for early elementary aged kids, i.e. age 6 to 8.

All you need to make these springy yo yo’s are balloons, rubber bands (fairly sturdy ones- not the super skinny kind), rice or beans and cheap plastic funnels- probably one for every two kids. They’ll use the funnel to fill the balloons with the rice, tying the balloons off with a rubber band. Then they loop one rubber band into the other to make the springy chain. DONE! They won’t need much help once you demonstrate how to chain the rubber bands together – see tinker lab’s photos for directions.

Now give them some targets to make a game out of playing with their new balloon yo-yo’s. Make a bull’s-eye with points on a piece of poster board and tape it to the wall. Divide the kids into teams with one team standing behind a line on the floor (use duct or masking tape for the line)and the other team members acting as judges and scorers. Using the yo yo’s, the kids take turns trying to hit the highest points on the target.

Or, suspend just about anything inside a small plastic bag from a door jamb as a target and let the teams have a go at hitting it from behind the line. You can even suspend your demo yo yo as the target! Give points for every time the target gets hit, and have the kids take turns trying to earn those points for their team.

Simple, creative, fun– what more could you ask for the price of the balloons, the rubber bands and some rice? Tweak this idea to your party theme by having that target reflect your theme. Make and play outdoors if your weathers good.

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