Balloon Pastry Pops

Balloon Pastry Pops

Balloon Pastry PopsThere are great balloon party ideas available to help you plan the ever popular yet inexpensive balloon themed party for your child. Balloon themed birthday parties can be fun and interactive for all of the participants without breaking your budget. Besides using balloons for the table and other decorations, there are many ways that you can use them for both indoor and outdoor games and there are even cute and tasty little balloon pastry pops that are as much fun to make as they are to eat. With a little planning, you can put on a balloon themed birthday party that the kids will really enjoy. People will talk about your creativity for a long time to come… and they will never realize how easy it actually was!

First, buy a good supply of balloons, which should be readily available at most discount stores. You will need enough to inflate for decorating, using for party crafts, and for a variety of both indoor and outdoor games, such as Balloon Splash, Balloon Snatch, Knock Kneed Relay, Netless Tennis, Yo-yo Sling, Balloon Kick, Back-to-Back Relay, Treasure Balls and indoor Balloon Pits. Some creative people even choose to use balloons for the invitations! This will certainly get your balloon themed birthday party off to a great start. We’ve collected a good variety of balloon party ideas to help you out with planning your balloon themed birthday party.

You can easily make these wonderful balloon pop treats. All you need are a few simple ingredients such as frozen pie crusts (or you can make your own) and jam, pie filling, peanut butter or nutella for the filling, and large crystal dusting sugar in bright colors, plus parchment paper, lollipop sticks, ribbons and cellophane bags. This simple, but tasty treat is made by cutting ballon shapes out of the pie crust dough and placing them on parchment paper, spooning jam, peanut butter, pie filling or nutella onto each ballon on the paper, then placing a lollipop stick on top of the ballon shape and covering it with another balloon shaped piece of dough. Next, you brush them with an egg wash, sprinkle them with the dusting sugar and refrigerate them. After they are set, you bake them and let them cool. Place a cellophane bag over each one and tie a ribbon around the bottom of the bag. Very easy to make, cute, and tasty too! Beth at has complete instructions for making these adorable treats, and my thanks for sharing these with everybody.

Display these pretty party balloon pops with fancy ribbon around the sticks and in a pretty vase on your food table. Hand them out during the party or use them as your take-home!

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