Cut Out Throw

Ball Toss

Cut Out ThrowThe old standby ‘toss the ball into the hole’ game is an old standby for a reason– the kids love it and have fun playing the game. So easily turn it into a birthday party game at your next party and the kid will enjoy it, again. It never seems to get old.

The best part about this game is you can tailor it to fit virtually any party theme. But before we get there, lets talk about the practical stuff of how to create the game itself. My thanks to, for making the obvious, obvious; hey- sometimes that’s very helpful! They’ve used poster board with the round hole cut out and a kitchen garbage bag taped to the back of the hole to catch the balls. Pretty simple…

The great thing about this, and again thanks to experimenting-moms, is how easily you can tailor it to fit your party theme. Get out your kids’ paints or markers and fire up your browser to search for simple images related to your party theme. Like this clown, the more geometric and color (rather than reality) based, the easier it will be for you to re-create. ┬áMinimal artistic talent required here- just a good eye and a steady hand. Print out your graphic, study it, reduce it to it’s simplest values, and sketch then paint (or marker) it on to your poster board. Use your child’s old easel or rig one up to set up the game.

You can buy the ping-pong balls to play this game at your grocery store, and if not, at your hardware store. Given the popularity of beer-pong amount the older set, everybody seems to carry ping-pong balls. Don’t use your no-longer-playable tennis balls; they’re too heavy and will knock over the game.

Set your ‘stand-behind’ line based on trials with your birthday child– the older they are the farther away the line. If you can set this up as a team competition rather than individual, that’s always my recommendation.

Like so many good games, this is an old one that you can re-purpose to match your party theme and today’s times. ┬áToday’s kids aren’t really all that different- it’s still fun for the preschool and early elementary school age (6 to 8 years old) set.

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