Another Outdoor Balloon Game

BalloonsJust when you thought I’d given you all possible party games played with balloons, here’s another one. And it isn’t limited to balloons- use a tennis or ping pong or whiffle ball to make it much more difficult for older kids. You need lots of vertical space for this game, so it’s an outdoor game.

Have your balloon or other type of ball and the kids in a fairly tight circle. ¬†Have the kids count off 1-2-3-etc. and the last one moves into the center of the circle with the balloon or ball. As he/she throws the balloon/ball high into the air, they call out one of the kids’ numbers. That kids has to catch the balloon before it hits the ground or they’re out of the game.

Other players may make it more difficult by getting in the way or easier by batting the balloon/ ball back up– it’s obviously more difficult to bat it back up if it’s a ball rather than a balloon. It can also devolve into a game of keep-away, but that’s OK, it’s still a fun game!

Once the kid gets the balloon before it hits the ground, that  child assumes center stage to repeat the process. Add some interest for older kids by timing how long it takes them to get the balloon/ball, and awarding a silly prize for the least amount of time.

As I’ve said in many other posts, balloons are just FUN.

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