Lion Mask

Animal Masks

Lion Mask

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We talked about making the fancy mardi gras face masks as a party craft activity for older girls last week- now it’s equal time for the younger set.

Look through the variety of mask templates on this fun free site, starting with their animal masks. Just print them out, provide scissors to cut them out, and crayons or markers or paint to decorate them.

I would further suggest

  • printing them out on card stock rather than plain printer paper to give them some weight so they stand up to being decorated and being worn.
  • Either cut them out completely ahead of time with a craft knife or at least cut out the ‘cut outs’ like the eyes so you don’t frustrate the kids as they ruin their beautifully decorated mask cutting these out
  • Go for light weight elastic bands for wearing the finished masks

Add feathers and shiny confetti as decorating options, along with glue sticks, but be sure to use the card stock if you do or the masks won’t stand up to the decorations.

When they can actually play with their creations, a craft activity such as this mask making will even appeal to the boys. Be sure to make a really great one for yourself that you can wear as you introduce the activity to both motivate them to participate and give them ideas for decorating their own mask.

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