Animal Games

Animals20 Questions can be turned into a fun and challenging birthday party game for your animal or safari or jungle themed birthday party. Depending on the the age of the kids, there are a couple of ways you can play the game. Preschoolers are really too young for this game.

For early elementary school age kids, age 6 to 8, make yourself a list of 5 to 10 familiar (to the kids) and very distinguishable animals– nothing too sophisticated. Group the kids into 2 teams, and explain the rules- that they can ask you yes or no questions to try to discover what animal you’re thinking of. Give them hints as to the kinds of questions; location, color, diet, size, etc. From your list, tell the teams you’re thinking of a specific animal and have each child ask you a question, alternating from one team to another. Any team can make a guess at any time, but the first to get it right, gets the points, and you move on to the next round and a different animal. If the kids are really on the young side, give each team a list of possible choices to narrow things down for them.

For older kids, have a laptop available to both teams, logged in to this National Geographic animal facts website. Working from the list of animals that you have prepared ahead of time, to prevent things from getting so esoteric that the kids can’t possibly figure out the animal in question, let one member of each team field the questions from the other team instead of you doing it. The child has the info needed to answer the questions on the website- give them a minute or two to read the blurb ahead of time so they know most of the answers.

On a similar note, WOW your own child with the power of AI- ‘A’ for artificial AND animal intelligence. Let them play 20 animal questions with the computer on this website. If you’ve got an ‘Animal Planet’ junkie like I do, you’ll find lots of great animal games they can play and learn with on this website.

Spend just a few minutes choosing animals appropriate to the age of your party group and with 20 animal questions you’ve got another ¬†game to go along with your animal or safari or jungle party theme. It’s a no cost, minimal prep, thinking game¬†that will keep the kids engaged.

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