Angry Birds Construction

Angry Birds Slingshot Game

Angry Birds ConstructionFinally- an inexpensive Angry Birds slingshot game that you don’t have to be a carpenter to construct. Thanks to for this one and for creative use of foam board.

This construction uses 20″x 10″ and 10″ x 10″ pieces of foam board; the larger ones partially cut in half and ‘folded’ to make the ‘V’ shapes you see. These are then topped with a 10′ x10″ piece. One standard 20″ x 30″ piece of foam board will make either 3 of the ‘V’ shapes or 6 of the squares, so purchase enough pieces for your sized tower.

You need either parent helpers ready to set up and re-build every time the game is played, or kids old enough to do it.  If kids, one team shoots, the other rebuilds.

Where to get your piglets and your Angry Birds? If you sew and are so inclined, here’s terrific instructions for the plush pigs and a blue bird. You’ll obviously have your take-home party favors if you choose to make these piglets. Otherwise, you can purchase plush Angry Birds on Amazon and just use bright green paper plates with a drawn on piglet face as the targets. The kids can either throw the plush Angry Birds or launch them from an exercise band slingshot with the two ends held by adults. Or, paint some old tennis balls the requisite Angry Bird colors, draw on beaks and eyebrows and use those in the slingshot.

However this silly game is played, it’s fun and it makes a marvelous addition to your Angry Birds party. Enjoy!

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