Angry Birds Pom Pom

Angry Birds PomPoms

Angry Birds Pom PomHere’s an ‘Angry Birds’ party craft that they’ll have good fun doing and then attaching to their backpacks to show the world. Not too difficult but requires enough focus to keep them happily busy for a while. Like most birthday party crafts, it’s perfect for the beginning of your Angry Birds themed party while people are arriving.

A ‘Thank You’ shout-out to the crafting folks over at for coming up with this little fellow.

All you need is the yarn, goggly eyes and fabric glue from the craft store, craft paper, a sharpie and scissors for the beaks and pig noses. I’d recommend having other colors besides red and green so they can design their own Angry Birds and make more than one if they want. Black with grey, medium blue, and white with black seem to be the colors used in the game. And here’s a link to a complete tutorial with templates for making the pom poms that will become your angry birds or little pigs. Just be sure to leave that center yarn tie long enough for the kids to attach their finished pom poms wherever they want, like their backpacks.

You’ll want to have made both an angry bird and a green pig for the kids to model when making their own. You can even have the tutorial up on your laptop for the kids to refer to as they make their pom poms.

Once all made, get out the paper cups to make the tower over the green piggies and let the kids play a few games of angry birds with their new toys. You can see this on the page.

These Angry Birds are pretty cute and pretty easy for your party kids to make, and, like all good party crafts, gives the kids a take-home so you don’t have to worry about it.

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