Angry Birds Pinata

Angry Birds Pinata

Angry Birds PinataEasily make this Angry Bird Pinata or any other round, balloon shaped pinata for your next party. It’s very easy to do, requires minimal artistic talent and if your birthday child is old enough they’ll love doing it with you. Getting a little help with the party prep is always a bonus!

First off, big thanks to for sharing the inspiration for this simple project. They also found the cupcakes I posted about the other day- great minds think alike! has a full tutorial for you on making a balloon based pinata, and it’s just not hard to do. You do need to give yourself several days or a week before the party so it gets all dry and rigid.

All you need are the balloon, newspaper ripped into like 2″ squares, water and flour (2 to 1 ratio) for the paste, crepe paper for stuffing (and decorating if it’s not an Angry Bird or other character piñata), the candy, string to hang it and paint for the Angry Birds. I’d recommend acrylic paint from the craft store to fully cover the print on the newspaper- probably more than one coat will be required.

This good looking guy in the graphic above appears to have been painted in the red and white, with paper facial features glued or taped on. These could also be painted on or you could use  these FREE Printable Angry Birds Balloons Template from tip Just glue them on to your painted piñata and you’re all done.

Kids love to play the piñata game, and with these easy instructions there’s no reason to spend a bunch of money to buy one ready made.

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