Angry Birds Party Cups

Angry Birds Party Favor Cups

Angry Birds Party CupsIts very clear that people are having a LOT of fun with the Angry Birds party theme – these fun and funky favor cups being a prime example.

I always remind people that anything geometric is easy to reproduce and requires no artistic talent. These are simple to make, and would make a good party prep project to do together with your birthday child.

Materials needed include the colored cups, googly eyes, glue dots, felt or sticker foam sheets in black yellow and orange, white paper, scissors and craft feathers. You can find complete instructions here. Although not part of the instructions, the matching shredded paper inside the cups is a nice touch, and makes finding the take-home goodies a bit more fun.

You can also present these take home favor cups in a typically Angry Birds tableau: use painted boxes or your wooden blocks to stack them up as done in the video game. Make some piglet green party favor cups too and your scene will be complete. This can both your centerpiece and your take home.

Would you believe you can get Angry Birds fruit gummies at Amazon? Combine these with Angry Birds temporary tattoos and your favor cups are now full and ready to go.

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