Angry Bird

Angry Birds Dodgeball

Angry BirdShort of launching your party guests in a giant slingshot, an Angry Birds themed dodge ball game is the next best thing. Problem is, inexpensive lightweight playground balls aren’t so easy to find. One parent was lucky to find red and green ones at her grocery store, so start your search there.

There is an alternative and that’s to use red and green balloons. Don’t blow them up past about 6″ in diameter, and weight them with beans or rice. Experiment on your own dodge ball field to get the right weighting for the distances your party kids will be throwing.

Follow these directions for making your Angry Bird balls or balloons. You’ll need primer, acrylic paints and brushes, a sealer, a dry erase marker ¬†and black paint pens- all available at your local craft store. Use these templates for your Angry Birds and no artistic talent is required.

Clearly, dodge ball works best outdoors. Lay out your playing field with garden hose or rope (clothesline), and include a center line that neither team can cross. Once all properly sized for your available space and number of kids, use washable spray paint to draw the lines on your grass. [Krylon makes a line marking paint- check your local sporting goods store].

To play, divide the kids into 2 teams, one on each half of the field, and distribute those Angry Bird balls to one team. The other team will be the piglets- targets. Any piglet that gets hit by an Angry Bird is out. Time how long it takes the Angry Birds to eliminate all the piglets. Then, switch the teams around for revenge! You can complicate the game by putting up a few barriers on the piglet side of the field. This also makes the game more like the actual video game. Here’s a shout out to for this game idea!

This Angry Birds version of a dodge ball birthday party game will run some energy off your party guests. Remember, you can always move the kids outdoors so long as it’s not totally frigid or precipitating, with jackets as necessary, for even just one active game. Then bring them back inside for your remaining indoor angry birds games.

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