All Rolled Up

Rolled InvitationThere are terrific ideas from the folks at Party Depot in their press release about a Wizards of Waverly Place birthday party theme. Their ideas for invitations work for other themes as well, so I want to share them here.

Who says an invitation has to be the size of a standard sheet of paper folded over twice? Well- the Post Office has certain standards you can’t get around if you’re mailing your invitation, but for hand delivery all options are on the table. For any party that’s got an old fashioned type theme like a Medieval party or a Magical party or a Princess Party, make your paper appear old and roll it up like an old fashioned parchment. Tea-stain the paper and/or singe the edges with a lighter for that ancient look. Tie your parchment with a beautiful ribbon. For a Wizards of Waverly Place or a Magic Party, roll your invitation around a dowel that your invitation requests be brought to the party all decorated as a magic wand.

It might not fit inside a rolled up invite, but you can ask your guests to make and bring anything you want in your invitation. For your pirate party you might make paper hats out of newspaper and print your party particulars on them in brightly colored magic marker, AND ask each guest to make or decorate their own paper pirate hat for the party. Or if it’s not a Pirate party, ask them to make or decorate any type hat to bring for the silly hat contest. Or have them design and make paper party hats- now you don’t have to buy them!

Think outside the envelope and your invitations can take almost any form. And when it’s different, your invite gets the kids anxious to come and have a great time at your party.

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