40 Fun Garden Projects to Give

Kids GardenThere is no better gift than something that can be enjoyed by children with their parents, and, the kids can learn all at the same time. These 40 garden projects are just the ticket to that kind of fun. And that’s why this book was just awarded the IPPY award in the Children’s Interactive Category.

This ‘book’ is really 40 laminated (i.e. wipe clean) cards, each of which completely demonstrates a project and is nicely illustrated. Projects are things like making paper planting pots, planting a pizza garden, collecting seeds in socks. One on-line review of the book proclaims these are the kinds of projects that kids really like.

Help connect this next generation with nature instead of a screen. Growing things is science, after all. I’m sure many excellent teaching moments will occur for parents as they work through these projects with their children.

This book is geared for age 9-12.

It is a companion set to Kids’ Kitchen cookery deck – a ‘book’ in the same card format as Kid’s Garden.
Gifts that gives more to the child that a few minutes of play.

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