3D Dinos

DinosaurDidn’t know this was going to turn into dinosaur week, but here’s two more dinosaur birthday party ideas for your preschool kids. One for your party decorations and one for a good dino themed game for the kids to play.

1. Cut out and put together these paper 3D dinosaurs to scatter around your party to broadcast your theme and be decorative. Some of these are big and some are small- your choice or mix it up. If your preschooler has big brothers or sisters, making these would be a great way to get them involved in the party preparations, and perhaps get some quality time with you while doing it. If you’ve got the helpers and they enjoy making these, these paper dinos would also make nice take-home birthday party favors for the kids.

2. Use a simple dinosaur puzzle that you make yourself ( or with those older siblings) to get them moving and to get them thinking and working together. Using a large piece of posterboard (to make it somewhat sturdy), free draw a dinosaur shape – copy from any graphic you find on-line or even the 3D dinos referenced above. Get out the markers or the paints and decorate your dino. Once he’s all pretty, cut him up into puzzle pieces. Hide the pieces and send the kids off to find them – if indoors restrict their search and set rules such as no opening of drawers. Outdoors is always best. Tell them how many pieces they need to find and to come back when they’ve got them all. Then, set them to work assembling the puzzle together.

These are fun dinosaur party decorationsĀ that could double as take home party favors and perhaps give you a nice project for older siblings.

And finding and putting together the puzzle is a good gameĀ for your dino birthday party.

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