Heart Mobile

3-D Heart Mobile

Heart MobileThis is another kitchen table craft activity that can be easily tweaked into a party craft activity that keeps everyone happily busy- but probably more for girls than boys. This article includes a good tutorial on the whole process:

Valentine’s 3-D Heart Mobile | Domestic Goddesque

To tweak this as a party craft, either supply the cut outs or the magazines and templates for the kids to cut them out. If you can provide colorful card stock shapes relevant to your party theme, ie dinosaurs, animals, etc., all the better, but this will take a bit of your time to prepare.

While sewing the shapes together for the 3-D effect is nice, it’s not really practical for a party activity, but glue sticks and string will work just as well for 2D shapes, because the shapes aren’t heavy. The kids will enjoy stringing the shapes, perhaps also adding glitter.

The simple x-shaped crosspiece made from taped pencils keeps this activity from becoming an exercise in frustration– balancing a true mobile is not easy. These are short and evenly weighted, so adding the decorative strings doesn’t throw it all out of whack and out of balance.

This simple mobile type construction would also be a great sleepover party project where the hours get long.

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