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10 Weight Tips for Kids

Big Pancake StackWe’re told at least once a week that this country is in an obesity epidemic. As I try myself to lose a few extra pounds, it’s real clear how hard it is in today’s busy world to eat healthy and get sufficient exercise. So Fox News has 10 concrete ways to work it in to our busy lives and get our kids on the right and healthy track.

I wrote earlier this year how a study shows that exercise helps our kids focus and concentrate in school- so get them moving before they even get out the door, perhaps by walking the dog? Build it in to your morning routine as one of several short, like 20 minutes, get moving sessions throughout the day: before and after school, after dinner, whenever it fits. Do it together whenever you can- good for you too. Make it fun, not a chore. And limit that screen time- one of the biggest impediments to getting out and doing stuff.

Be a dietary role model– let them see you eat healthy. Up the fiber in everybody’s diet, as recommended by the experts, since fiber gives that ‘full’ feeling. Yes, this means fruits and vegetables. Try new prep methods- roasting, grilling, wok’ing. Get the kids involved in the eating process, starting with the shopping lists, and at the store as well as in the kitchen.  They’re far more likely to buy in to the whole healthy deal if they’re part of it from the get-go.

Broken down into small chunks like this, it’s not so hard to make the changes necessary to give our kids a real shot at a healthy lifestyle.

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