Here's more kids party theme ideas:

arrow Pirates Treasure   (04/21/2010)
A scavenger hunt can be tweaked for so many different birthday party themes, but it's truly the perfect kids party game for a pirate party for boys age 6 to 8.
arrow Aprons to Go   (04/20/2010)
Another addition to our collection of ideas for a cooking party birthday party theme - aprons to decorate, to take home, and to really use when there's a messy activity going on.
arrow Cooking Party Invitation   (04/16/2010)
I've been blogging all week about cooking as a great kids birthday party theme, so I might as well finish the week with your cooking party invitation.
arrow Cookin' and a Dancin'   (04/15/2010)
Every birthday party has to have ice cream, and this ice cream is truly a scream at your cooking themed kids party.
arrow Cooking a la Crepes   (04/14/2010)
I don't think I've ever met a kid that didn't like pancakes, and crepes are nothing more than thin, fancified pancakes that make for a fun kids party theme.
arrow Woven Paper Placemats   (04/13/2010)
As promised, here are the instructions for weaving paper placemats as the craft activity and take-home for your cooking party.
arrow Cook Up Your Party   (04/12/2010)
Cooking is a great party activity. Its hands-on, it's creative, it can be done in a small group, and it's a perfect kids birthday party theme.
arrow Spa Party for the Princesses   (04/01/2010)
Who says only pre-schoolers need to be treated like Princesses or that a princess birthday party theme is only for the really young girls? Give your older girls the royal treatment with a Spa Party!
arrow Use your Winter Weather   (02/18/2010)
For your winter birthday party ideas, it's time to think outside the box (house) and have an old-fashioned snow party.
arrow Paper Fashion   (02/17/2010)
Girls generally love fashion, and love to make things, so putting the two together for a birthday party theme has GOT to be a winner.
arrow Princess Party Perspective   (02/15/2010)
Kids Tips: When should your parental philosophy/ideals/hang-ups determine what your child is allowed to do?

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Have a great party!