Your theme is the 'glue' that holds your successful kids party together

Your theme isn't the character on the kids' cake plate. It's the wellspring for all your game, decoration, favor, food and cake ideas. And there's no need to spend hours searching for those new ideas to inspire you...

We've collected great ideas for kids birthday party themes here for you from all around the Web

CheckMarkthemes that excite the kids starting right with the invitation

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Balloon Party Ideas [for preschool and elementary school age kids (6-8, 9-10)]

LEGO Party [for elementary school age boys (6-8, 9-10) even preteens]

Pirate Birthday Party [for preschool and boys age 6 to 8]

Princess Party Ideas [ for preschool girls and girls age 6 and 7]

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arrow Olympics Birthday Party   (07/24/2013)
‘Olympics’ Is A Great Party Theme For The Energetic Elementary School Age Set
arrow Outdoor Theater Party   (07/10/2013)
Re-Create The Old 'Drive-In' Movie Experience In Your Backyard This Summer
arrow Truck Party Plan   (11/16/2012)
This is a complete plan for a truck and construction themed kids party
arrow A Very Hungry Caterpillar Party   (10/24/2012)
All the ideas you'll need for a marvelous Hungry Caterpillar party
arrow Superhero Party Masks   (10/09/2012)
Adorable superhero party masks you can make for the gang
arrow Scream for Ice Cream   (07/30/2012)
Summer's were made for ice cream, so it's a perfect party theme and these are great wonderful ideas for an ice cream party
arrow Magic Math Trick   (06/12/2012)
A little math foolery that will make you look like the magician genius at your magic birthday party.
arrow Vanishing Coin Magic Trick   (06/11/2012)
The disappearing coin (card) is a classic trick, just as the magic party is a classic birthday party theme for kids in early elementary school, age 6 to 8.
arrow Old Fashioned Video Arcade   (05/31/2012)
With these classic games and some borrowed laptops, you've got your own game arcade for the kids to play in at your birthday party
arrow Jump Rope Games   (05/23/2012)
Pair these energetic jump rope games with a pool or sprinkler cool off, popsicles or ice cream treats, and you've got the making of fun, old fashioned backyard party for your summer birthday girl
arrow 1   (05/19/2012)
Kids really do enjoy stretching their minds, so a Game Show theme makes for a fun party.
arrow Drive In Movie Night Party Plan   (05/11/2012)
Whatever the movie, they'll enjoy their own little spaces while they watch and munch and chat at your drive in movie night slumber party
arrow Spy Party   (03/01/2012)
All the planning for the spy themed birthday party has all been done for you.
arrow Mickey Mouse Party   (02/28/2012)
Mickey Mouse is one of the easier birthday party themes to work with, and one all the little ones know and love
arrow Angry Birds Party Ideas   (01/20/2012)
If your child and friends are into the Angry Birds games, it will make a great birthday party theme for him or her
arrow Cookie Making Birthday Party Theme   (11/19/2011)
Always fun for kids, and now at Holiday time, this traditonal family activity can work especially well as your birthday party theme
arrow Dance Contest   (11/14/2011)
Call it a birthday party theme or a game, no matter: a dance contest will keep them engaged, involved and having a great time
arrow Stress Free for Parents   (11/08/2011)
You CAN opt for the sensible and affordable and stress free birthday party theme this year - especially if they're young and just getting started in school.
arrow Slumber Party Venues   (10/18/2011)
Give your sleepover party a twist and have it in a remote location
arrow Pirate Photo Prop   (09/30/2011)
Use one of these very reasonably priced photo props at your next kids birthday party and you've got party fun taking the pictures and your party favor all taken care of

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