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arrow Encore Singing Game   (04/30/2012)
Let them test their music knowledge and beat the timer in this team game that works well for a teenage party
arrow Bunco for Teens and Tweens   (04/27/2012)
Bunco is a popular and frequently played game and always fun, so you know your preteen or teenage party kids will enjoy it too.
arrow Teenage Pass the Hat   (04/24/2012)
Pass the Hat is a good game for your party for teenagers- it's challenging and silly.
arrow Teenage Trivia   (04/23/2012)
Include a personal trivia game about your birthday teen in your teenage birthday party to make it special
arrow MadLibs   (04/20/2012)
Use MadLibs as one of your birthday party games and share in the laughter.
arrow Visual Brain Storms   (04/16/2012)
Have the Visual Brain Storms slumber party game ready for your sleepover kids when those eyelids start to droop and they need help settling down.
arrow Party Prizes   (04/13/2012)
Keep your party prizes silly and fun (and at no or minimal cost) just like your birthday party games and nobody will get upset about not getting a prize.
arrow Indoor Bowling   (04/10/2012)
With old soda bottles or styrofoam cups, create an indoor bowling birthday party game that perfectly matches your party theme
arrow Ball Toss   (04/05/2012)
Make a themed poster copying a simple internet graphic related to your party theme, cut a hole, and you've got a ball toss birthday party game
arrow Tail Tag   (04/02/2012)
The tail tag birthday party game is the perfect energy-expending, run-around game in include for your animal or jungle or safari themed birthday party.
arrow Drawing Disney   (03/27/2012)
Give the gift of art with a learning to draw instructional book to the right child, and your birthday party gift will be greatly appreciated
arrow Animal Concentration   (03/21/2012)
Animal concentration is a simple birthday party game that has withstood the test of time and tweaks beautifully to fit your animal or jungle or safari party theme.
arrow Animal Games   (03/13/2012)
Spend just a few minutes choosing animals appropriate to the age of your party group and with 20 animal questions you've got another birthday party game to go along with your animal or safari or jungle party theme
arrow Casino Dice Games   (03/10/2012)
Including dice games at your teenage games casino party will make it more interesting than if it's all just card games
arrow Craps For Your Teenage Casino Night   (03/10/2012)
Keep your teenage party lively and focused on the party games by including the great dice game of craps in your evenings activities
arrow Teenage Casino Party   (03/05/2012)
With the music going and snacks and beverages available, your casino night teenage games party will keep them busy and having fun
arrow Outside The Box   (03/02/2012)
Outside The Box is great for that teenage birthday party game or just Sunday nights around the kitchen table having fun as a family
arrow Mafia Role Playing Game   (02/27/2012)
Birthday party games that will keep teens tuned in are hard to find, but Mafia (or Werewolf or whatever you call it) looks like one that works
arrow Scavenger Hunt Software   (02/23/2012)
If getting an age-appropriate and appropriately challenging scavenger hunt together is a challenge for you, check out this unique birthday party games resource
arrow More Balloon Games   (02/16/2012)
Two inexpensive balloon birthday party games for elementary school aged kids

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