Here's more ideas for kids party games:

arrow Angry Birds Masks and Bowling Game   (08/15/2012)
More Angry Birds Party Ideas- Mask Favors, Favor Bags and Bottle Bowling Game
arrow Tween Mall Scavenger Hunts   (08/13/2012)
8 item lists for a fun tween mall scavenger hunt birthday party
arrow Outdoor Art   (08/10/2012)
Outdoors in the summer enables us to let the kids get substantially messier than in the winter in your living room, and clean it all up with the hose.
arrow Make A Robot   (08/08/2012)
Here's a fun team game for just about any birthday party- Build a Robot
arrow Tower Building   (08/07/2012)
Building a tower out of paper cups rather than plain old blocks is a different ball game and that's what makes this seemingly simple task a good party challenge.
arrow Foam Prints   (08/02/2012)
Let the kids make prints as a craft activity at your next birthday party, using food container foam panels and small rollers from the paint store
arrow Serial Monthly Grandparent Gifts   (08/01/2012)
Monthly subscription gift project packs that your child enjoys and lets the far-away relatives get in front of their loved child at least once a month- a great gift idea.
arrow Skittles Suck Up   (07/27/2012)
The team with the most skittles wins the birthday party game. Everybody wins their skittles
arrow Ever Hear of Slacklining?   (07/26/2012)
If they're adventurous and athletic, this video will definitely get your attention as a fun outdoor activity for your kids
arrow Outdoor Deck Board Game   (07/25/2012)
Tie different games together into a coherent and engaging party plan with an oversized outdoor game board
arrow Team Tower Construction   (07/23/2012)
Challenge your party kids to outdo each other building the tallest tower out of a collection of small cardboard boxes and just plain old cardboard, and watch the competitive juices kick in.
arrow Toddler Parties   (07/20/2012)
Keep your toddler birthday party small, simple and short and your birthday child will actually enjoy the experience without being overwhelmed and melting down.
arrow Another Outdoor Balloon Game   (07/13/2012)
Just when you thought I'd given you all possible birthday party games played with balloons, here's another one
arrow Games or Money?   (07/12/2012)
Lower the bar, not raise it, in your neighborhood or school district with fun and inexpensive games instead of competing in the birthday party olympics
arrow Summer Snowball Fight   (07/11/2012)
What fun to have a snowball fight outdoors at your summer birthday party! And it's easier than you think.
arrow Nail Polish Roulette   (07/09/2012)
Make a fun game out of this spa or sleepover party girls staple
arrow The Orange Battle   (07/06/2012)
This is a perfect summer outdoor party game, and one any group of teens- be it all boys or all girls or a mixed group will have good fun playing
arrow Water Target   (07/05/2012)
Create targets for those water pistols or water cannons using styrofoam and you've got a great team party game for your summer outdoor birthday party.
arrow Frisbee Golf   (07/02/2012)
Frisbee golf or frisbee darts are both an easy and fun game to include at your summer outdoor birthday party.
arrow Summer Balloons   (06/29/2012)
Here's 3 summer outdoor birthday party games using just balloons and pool noodles

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