It's great kids party games that make your party rock - and keeps your young guests from making trouble.

CheckMarkThe single most important decision you make in putting your child's party together is your choice of activities and games. It's NOT the invitations, the food, the decorations, the favors- it's the GAMES.

CheckMarkAnd the single biggest source of the stress of putting together a kids party is the thought of those games not keeping the kids involved and turning you into the bad cop. Yuck!

Your Birthday Party Games are the "make or break" for having a successful birthday celebration

Let's define successful as meaning the kids all have a great time, they stay engaged in your planned activities rather than causing trouble, the birthday child ends the day feeling very special and well-loved, and you stay out of the stress zone.

There's two ways for you to get there:

1- Use one of our 5 complete party packages designed for kids age 6 to 13+

The Survivor Party (age 6-8)
The Detective Party (age 8-10)
The Harry Potter Party (age 8-11)
The Medieval Party (age 1-13+)
The Magica Party (girls 9-10)


Each party package includes

  • your themed invitations
  • theme related games that kids really love playing and that keep them totally engaged
  • full instructions for all games and prep
  • printable props and supply list for stuff that's not printable (easy to find and inexpensive)
  • depending which you choose, put everything together and be ready to go in 1 to 3+ hours
  • all for less than $50, all in

2- Use our index of party ideas gathered from all over the web, many from other parents bragging/blogging about their successful birthday party. We're collecting ideas about all of the following:

  • games (scroll on down)
  • Themes to excite your guest and tie your party games together
  • Invitations to get them excited about your party
  • Decorations and Food
  • Favors
  • even ideas for birthday gifts for kids- for all those other parties they go to

Here's our ever growing index of childrens party games. Bookmark the ones you like for easy access when it's party time.

There's two ways for you to look:

Search the tags here for the ideas that most appeal to you for your group of kids:

age 6 to 8 age 9 to 10 angry birds party animals animal themed party apps arts and crafts balloons birthday cupcakes birthday party birthday party game birthday party games birthday party games loaded questions for teens birthday party games switcheroo tag birthday party gift books boys boys and girls camping birthday party carnival birthday party cars birthday party ideas chalk circus birthday party cooking cowboy dance party for kids detective dinosaur birthday party elmo birthday party fashion games girls hula hoops jungle party kids birthday party kites lego party ideas loaded questions luau party magic birthday party make a piu00f1ata mask making music outdoor parenting pirate birthday party pizza posters preschool preteen princess birthday party reading skills safari party slumber party slumber party games snacks space party spa party spy star wars party summer party games team b players teen teen party thinking skills toys treasure hunt winter word games

Or skim through all the game resources here, newest to oldest:
(We've got 502 ideas for you- here's the first 20 with a link at the bottom to all the rest)

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Once (Easily) Constructed You Have A Variety Of Games These Noodle Rings Can Be Used For
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With More Space Outdoors This Becomes A Great Team Party Competition
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Another Great Idea For A Party Game For The Young Ones Based On Balloons
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Empty Painted And Punched Cans Made Ahead Of Time Will Work As Your Party Craft Before The Team Competition Stilt Races
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This List Is For All Age Groups, And Includes Kindle Editions
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A Good Birthday Party Craft Followed By Outdoor Play And Airplane Races
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An Old Standby Party Game With A New Outdoor 'Twist'

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Have a great party!