Here's more ideas for children's party food:

Muffin Cup Snacks   (05/17/2011)
If you want them to stay focused for your planned activities, and yes you do, a little snack fuel along the way can help
Kit Kat Kake   (04/28/2011)
Use those delicious Kit Kat cookies to create a birthday cake for kids of a different kind
ChocoBerries   (04/15/2011)
These very elegant party strawberries are fit for a king as well as for your young birthday party guests.
The Bagel Snake   (04/11/2011)
Your party kids will love this healthful bagel snake -he's perfect for your animal party or jungle party or safari party.
Mouse Cakes   (04/07/2011)
Here's yet another cute animal faced cupcake for your next animal party or jungle party or safari party.
Cookie Cutter Magic   (04/06/2011)
Magic Wand Cookies Anyone? Who knew there were cookie cutters out there to perfectly compliment your Harry Potter Party or your Princess Party or your Fairy Party?
Rainbow Cups   (03/16/2011)
Next time you need a birthday treat for the school class or fun birthday party food at your house, think of these little cups of edible color
Elmo for Preschoolers   (03/08/2011)
Elmo seems to have always been the favorite of all the wonderful Sesame Street characters, so for preschool birthday party themes he's a natural. And pretty easy to pull off as well.
Pretty Party Food Ideas   (03/04/2011)
Your birthday party food can be all or most of your decorations, and I've found you a visual resource that will give you a slew of new ideas.
Themed Cookie Cutters   (02/08/2011)
Party themed cookie cutters are a simple way to fancy up your kids birthday party food while still keeping the snacks simple and easy.
Terrible Terrier Cupcakes   (01/11/2011)
This instructional video was featured on AOL on Sunday and I knew these cute little birthday cupcake guys were perfect for any animals party.
Castle Cake   (12/08/2010)
Simplicity wins again and makes this castle cake something anyone can duplicate for their princess birthday party.
Dressing up the Fruit   (11/01/2010)
The younger your birthday party guests are, the more important to your sanity and the success of your party to control the sugar intake. Easy solution- dress up 'good for you' snacks so they're fun and colorful.
Make Apple Cider   (10/13/2010)
Have the kids make apple cider as one of your childrens party games at your fall birthday celebration. It's a good smooshy, messy activity that even the boys will enjoy.
Harry Potter Cupcakes   (10/08/2010)
If you can make 2 circles, a half a circle, a dot, a couple of straight lines, and one zigzag line, you've got Harry Potter on your birthday cupcakes.
Betty Crocker Pirate Cake   (10/05/2010)
Those Betty Crocker's are VERY clever people to come up with this wonderful and incredibly easy buccaneer for your next pirate birthday party.
Using a cardboard box, you can create a table top model of that carnival and circus staple
Carnival Popcorn Cart   (09/30/2010)
for your at-home birthday party, and it won't take you that long to do it.
Hello Kitty Favor Bags   (09/27/2010)
Even if yours isn't a Hello Kitty party, these kids party favor bags will be a big hit with the girls.
Doggy Print Cupcakes   (09/21/2010)
A simple design based 5 blue circles on white icing gives you fun and easy Blues Clues birthday cupcakes.

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