Here's more ideas for children's party food:

Spring Meringue Recipe   (03/26/2013)
These Practically Tell You That They Belong In Everybody's Easter Baskets
Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole   (03/18/2013)
Perfect For The Kids On The Morning After Your Sleepover Party
Covered Pretzel Fun   (01/24/2013)
You Can Make These With The Kids For Family Snacks Or Let The Kids Do It As A Sleepover Party Activity
Easy Frog Cupcakes   (01/10/2013)
Next Time It's Cupcakes To School For A Birthday- Try These
19 Fun Snacks   (12/13/2012)
Entice your kids to eat your good food with these 19 adorable snacks
9 Snacks Recipes for the Car   (11/29/2012)
Make the trip more pleasant with any of these 9 snack recipes
Ghost Poop for Halloween   (10/26/2012)
Turn your party popcorn into Ghost Poop and get the kids giggling
Spooktacular Halloween Recipes   (10/15/2012)
You'll definitely find something for your Halloween or October birthday party with these 50 Halloween recipes
Shrunken Heads in Cider   (10/10/2012)
There's a Shrunken Head in My Cider!
Party Pizzadillas   (10/05/2012)
A different take on the standard kids party fare of pizza
Muddy Buddy Snacks   (09/04/2012)
An easy cereal based snack the kids can put together themselves and everybody can enjoy 30 minutes later
Make Your Own Cupcake Stand   (08/20/2012)
Make your own cupcake stand for your birthday party just using prettily covered tin cans and stiff rounds of foam board
Scream for Ice Cream   (07/30/2012)
Summer's were made for ice cream, so it's a perfect party theme and these are great wonderful ideas for an ice cream party
Up Melon Granita   (07/16/2012)
In a fancy cup it's a grown-up Granita, in a paper cup it's a Snow Cone, and whichever way you serve it it's easy to make and a delightful summer treat
Maybe the Ultimate Summer Birthday Cake   (06/29/2012)
Make your own ice cream cake in a snap for this summer birthday party, using store bought ice cream sandwiches.
Pie in the Face   (05/02/2012)
A Pie in the Face Birthday Party is so beyond the normal that your party kids will absolutely love it.
Fairy Cupcakes   (04/17/2012)
Bring their fantasy to life without too much work with these adorable fairy cupcakes at your little girls next birthday party
Healthy Party Treats   (04/12/2012)
Let there be cake, but here are easy suggestions for keeping the rest of your birthday party food treats at least semi-healthy while still pleasing to the kids.
Marshmallows on a Stick   (04/11/2012)
Instead of sending cupcakes to school for the classroom birthday celebration, try this allergy and gluten free Marshmallow On A Stick birthday treat.
Balloon Pastry Pops   (04/09/2012)
An edible balloon party idea that gives you a pretty display on your party food table and can be your take-home party favor too.

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