Here's more ideas for party craft activities:

arrow Fall Wreath   (11/09/2011)
Your party kids can make this pretty fall wreath that they can then take home as your party favor
arrow Creative Fashions   (11/04/2011)
While this game/craft is really just an exercise in creativity, it's 'fashion' theme makes it a better game for girls birthday parties
arrow PomPom Monsters   (11/01/2011)
My very favorite crafty lady has done it again with these adorable fuzzy monsters or playmates that your party kids can make to take home
arrow Cheap Messy Mats for Parties or Crafts   (10/31/2011)
Messy stuff is FUN for kids, and whether they're playing or crafting at home on a rainy afternoon or it's part of your birthday party activities, you need to contain the mess without spoiling the fun
arrow Watercolor Fall   (10/20/2011)
Don't spend the money to take them to 'craft place' when with a little pre-party prep you can make beautiful birthday party crafts they can take home right at your house
arrow Painted Pumpkins   (10/07/2011)
There's no better party craft during October than having the kids paint their own pumpkins to take home
arrow Pine Cone Birds   (08/02/2011)
The perfect birthday party craft for your 'in the park' or outdoor backyard party with an eye toward nature
arrow Personalized School Notebooks   (07/27/2011)
This a great girls birthday party craft that will even help them get excited about school- so it's perfect for this last month of summer vacation
arrow String Chandeliers   (06/27/2011)
I can think of so many ways you can use this birthday party crafts activity
arrow Froggie Catcher   (06/23/2011)
This is a great preschool birthday party craft that the kids can then use as one of your birthday party games
arrow Pirate Costumes   (06/14/2011)
An easy way to 'pirate up' all your guests with a simple pirate costume you make for each guest that they can personalize
arrow Mobile Butterflies   (06/13/2011)
Here are two different butterfly crafts that I suggest you put together for an extended craft session at your next 9-10 year old or preteen girls girls birthday party
arrow Fashionista Headbands   (06/03/2011)
There's very few preteen girls that I know that wouldn't love to wear this fashionable headband, so why not keep them busy making their own at your next slumber birthday party?
arrow Turn them into Dinosaurs   (06/02/2011)
Give preschool age kids an idea or a prop and they're off on an imaginary journey - these dinosaur masks will for sure turn them into fierce reptiles at your dinosaur party
arrow Cannon Fodder   (05/24/2011)
Pink and Green Mama has come up with a terrific way to include fun water play as one your next warm weather birthday party games
arrow Pirate Masks   (05/19/2011)
'Tis rare to find a birthday craft that can keep the attention of a bunch of Pirate young un's, but this is it!
arrow Friendship Bracelets the Easy Way   (05/05/2011)
For all the BFF's at your next girls birthday party - here's friendship bracelets to make the EASY way
arrow Slumber Party Flip Flops   (03/14/2011)
Decorating inexpensive flip flops is the perfect birthday party craft activity for your your next girls slumber party.
arrow Bird Masks   (03/03/2011)
I've posted about the fun of mask making for birthday party crafts before, and here's the proof for your animal party, jungle party or safari party.
arrow Shirt Fashions   (02/25/2011)
This craft can be pretty much your whole party for your next preteen or young teen girls birthday. They'll be busy for at least an hour creating, chit chatting, modeling, then doing it all over again only better.

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