Here's more ideas for party craft activities:

arrow Angry Birds Masks and Bowling Game   (08/15/2012)
More Angry Birds Party Ideas- Mask Favors, Favor Bags and Bottle Bowling Game
arrow Pretty Duct Tape Bracelets   (08/09/2012)
A simple party craft for girls to make bangle bracelets out of cardboard tubes and the new patterned Scotch Duct Tape
arrow Foam Prints   (08/02/2012)
Let the kids make prints as a craft activity at your next birthday party, using food container foam panels and small rollers from the paint store
arrow Birds Nest Nature Party Craft   (07/31/2012)
A nature party craft making birds nests, including the birds, using pinecones and sticks.
arrow Jersey Knit Bracelets   (07/24/2012)
A bracelet making craft activity for your pre-teen sleepover party girls
arrow Princess Paper Dolls   (07/19/2012)
Princess paper dolls make a good 'slow them down' activity for your party girls at a slumber party
arrow Paper Hand Puppets   (07/18/2012)
These hand puppets make a wonderful birthday party craft or an at-home alone or quiet playdate activity
arrow Tube Animals   (04/04/2012)
These farm animal tube crafts are engaging and adorable and girls 8 and up will love making them as your birthday party craft activity.
arrow Mural Project   (04/03/2012)
Making a party themed mural can work for so many different birthday party themes-and it turns that awkward 'arrival time' into actual party time by incorporating this group art project right into your party as your birthday party craft
arrow Character Bags   (03/19/2012)
Turn things upside down and add a tweak, and these animal paper bag puppet templates can become really cool party treat bags for your animal or jungle or safari themed birthday party
arrow Magic Milk Paint   (02/24/2012)
Used as either a birthday party craft or a kids activity at the kitchen table some afternoon, magic milk paint will keep them busy being creative and having fun
arrow Origami Triple Play   (02/14/2012)
Simple origami for kids makes a delightfully different birthday gift and can be a useful quiet activity for a sleepover party.
arrow Angry Birds To Make   (02/02/2012)
It's a double shot to find a birthday party craft that then can double as your birthday party decorations once the kids have had the fun of making their own Angry Birds
arrow Angry Birds PomPoms   (01/26/2012)
These Angry Birds are pretty cute and pretty easy for your party kids to make, and, like all good birthday party crafts, gives the kids a take-home so you don't have to worry it
arrow QTip Art   (01/18/2012)
This is a simple, undemanding artistic birthday party craft activity suitable for the little ones
arrow Balloon Yo Yo   (01/16/2012)
A simple, creative and fun birthday party craft and game- what more could you ask for the price of some balloons, some rubber bands and some rice
arrow Paper Snowflakes   (12/08/2011)
Use these paper snowflakes as either (or both) a birthday party craft or a family and kids activity this winter/holiday season
arrow Themed Concentration Game   (12/02/2011)
Concentration is a great birthday party game, and now you can have the kids create the game before they play it
arrow Animal Balloon Birthday Party Craft   (11/23/2011)
A simple balloon based birthday party craft activity for the little ones, or a bit more complex craft for the older set
arrow A Craft Book for Moms   (11/10/2011)
Crafts with kids aren't just a way to keep them busy or suck up empty hours on a down day...

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