Here's more ideas for party craft activities:

arrow Snow Painting   (11/30/2012)
Art fun with Kosher salt that introduces the appearance of texture into their winter art- looks like snow!
arrow Cotton Bud Snowflakes   (11/29/2012)
A snowflake craft your pre-schoolers will enjoy making and looking at on your windows
arrow Santa Hat Ornaments   (11/27/2012)
A simple Holiday craft for an at-home afternoon or as a December party activity
arrow 15 Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments   (11/26/2012)
15 Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments
arrow Adventures in Soap Making   (11/21/2012)
Have your party girls make fragrant, colorful hand soaps at your next birthday party
arrow Homemade Kazoo   (11/14/2012)
Simple homemade kazoos for some marching fun at your preschool party
arrow Sandpaper Leaves   (11/13/2012)
A sandpaper drawing craft for your kids or as a party craft activity
arrow Crushed Can Crafts   (10/24/2012)
8 different crushed can crafts the kids can make- and works as a party craft too
arrow Painted Pine Cone Door Hanging   (10/17/2012)
A fall or winter painted pine cone front door hanging to make together some long afternoon
arrow Pumpkin Tie Dye Shirt   (10/17/2012)
Do a tie dye pumpkin shirt at your Halloween or October birthday party
arrow Paper Pumpkins   (10/12/2012)
Paper pumpkins the kids can easily make to serve as their Halloween centerpiece or Halloween party decorations.
arrow Paper Bat Puppet   (10/08/2012)
Make this simple bat puppet for loads of flying fun
arrow Hats to Decorate   (10/04/2012)
Paper hats you can easily make for the girls to decorate and model at your party
arrow Coaster Craft   (10/03/2012)
Decoupage is an easy yet artful craft technique that's now perfect for a party activity with kids friendly washable Modge Podge
arrow Egg Carton Owls   (10/03/2012)
Easy to make owls from egg cartons that can be used as a party craft activity
arrow Apple and Leaf Prints   (10/02/2012)
Paint prints with apples and leaves
arrow Autumn Nature Wreath   (09/27/2012)
An autumn wreath is a simple yet fun craft activity for either home or a fall birthday party
arrow Duck Tape Rose Pen   (08/27/2012)
Hooray for the new colorful and patterned duck tape- Duck Tape Rose pens for tweens to make
arrow Pencil Fun   (08/23/2012)
Decorate pencils for a simple, not over-long party craft activity
arrow Painted Glass Jars and Bottles   (08/22/2012)
Handpainted Glass Jars as a party craft and take-home candle holder party favor

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